Thrift Stores and The Newport Cafe

Newport Cafe. Need I say more? That’s where we ate lunch yesterday after an arduous couple hours of wandering around town looking at stuff. Actually, the stuff we were looking at was in the thrift stores we found. We also went to a Restore Store where I bought a portable air tank that still had air in it. I was so happy because last week I almost bought one half as big at O’Reilly’s for twice the price. And it didn’t come with air already in it. I just need to spruce up the old tank with a wire brush and some paint. I just hope that when it’s totally filled with air that I can still pick it up. It had 50 pounds of air in it when I got it which didn’t seem too bad, but the gauge indicates it will hold 160 pounds and I’m not sure my tiny little biceps are up to it.  We’ll see. 

That brings us back to the Newport Cafe. After all that shopping we were hungry so started looking for places to eat. As soon as we turned the corner back on to Highway 101 the Newport Cafe was just right there beside us so it was kind of like an omen the at we should eat there. It’s a small place and we weren’t sure if we would be able to find a place to sit. But, stepping out of our routine of opting for a booth in the back, we took two seats at the counter. We were lucky to get them because there are only five of them. I sat next to a lady, whose name I did not get, who is a deep sea fisherperson. She was ingesting eggs, hash browns, and a ribeye steak before heading out to sea to catch black fish. Don’t know what those are, and didn’t ask because it really didn’t matter. She told me lots of stuff about how she catches fish that I knew I’d forget, and I did except for the black fish info. That, and her boat is 36 feet long. Oh, and she strings out about 10 miles of line from fifty buckets of line that has segments with hooks about 3 feet apart. Those are dropped with an anchor and a buoy so she can find them later in the day. I agreed with her that it’s a lot of work to haul in 10 miles of line full of fish. Must be brutal, but lucrative.

The Cafe employees were all young men wearing baseball hats, with flat brims, that covered the top part of their ears. They all looked like they had either just finished a rap video or had just cruised in on the skate boards. They were all incredibly nice, very pleasant, and served us one of the best hamburgers (me) and  melts (Diane) we’ve ever had the pleasure of wrapping our lips around. It’s a place we highly recommend in case you ever find yourself in Newport and are in need of a terrific meal.  

When we were done eating we came back to the park and wandered around in the beach in a daze. We’ll, I wandered around while Diane sat on a log and watched me pick up all the brown rocks on the beach that no one else wanted. I found it interesting that I’m the only one on the beach that picks up brown rocks. They’re so pretty. Way prettier than the black ones. 

Another coup for the day was that the satellite antenna found some satellites. I put the antenna on top of the trailer theprevious  evening to try it out but couldn’t get it to work so just shoved it off to the side so I could get on the ladder. Yesterday, on a whim, I tried it again and discovered that I had apparently pushed it out of the way in just the right way so that all the HD channels showed up. Now we’re roughing it with HDTV. 

We also rode our bikes all over the park. I think that was this morning, but it could have easily been yesterday afternoon. I’m pretty sure it was this morning, though. It was a nice long ride during which I discovered a dire need for air to fill my back tire. I either gained a lot of weight recently, or the tire has lost some air, because it was embarrassingly low during our journey. Diane’s was fine, so I’m going with the weight gain.  Now I must go on a diet.

Today we went to Lincoln City just for fun, and to visit the Goodwill store, which gave us a perfect reason to have lunch at the buffet in the Chinook Winds Casino. It was great, and not a bank breaker like those in Las Vegas. It only cost $21.00 dollars for the both of us. Cheaper than the fast food places we’ve recently visited. 

After lunch, we stopped by Goodwill on the way home. As we left Diane said she had set a time limit of 4:30 pm and we left at exactly that time. 

Now we’re back in the trailer for our last night away from home for a while. It’s the place to be because it started raining cats and dogs on our way back. It’s good to be in a trailer when it’s raining.

Now I must go to bed. 

2 thoughts on “Thrift Stores and The Newport Cafe

  1. Wish you would have let us know you were in our neighborhood – you could have joined us on a pontoon out on the lake yesterday afternoon – before the rain started!!! Would have loved to have seen you two.

    Marilynne and Jerry

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