Beverly Beach State Park to St. Helens

We’re home, and I’m now able to use my handy-dandy keyboard instead of the fake one on my iPad screen. Although it worked OK, I much prefer the clickety-clack of a real keyboard.

We slept in this morning, again, like we’ve done all week. Once we were up and navigating, Diane made a very weak pot of coffee so I’ve been uncaffeinated all day. Even though I doctor my coffee with half & half & sugar, it just wasn’t quite right. She agreed with me and it’s OK to make a mistake once in a while. But I let her know that it better NEVER happen again. You believe that, right? Ya. Sure you do. You know me better than that.

We just mosied through the morning getting everything put away in preparation for the trip home. Diane takes care of everything inside the trailer, and I do the outside. The rule is that if anything inside the trailer breaks, it’s her fault. If anything outside the trailer breaks it’s because something inside the trailer was stowed in the wrong place. Not true, of course. I just have to get the trailer strapped to the truck, the bikes strapped to the back of the trailer, and Diane strapped in her seat. Then we go to the dump and empty the holding tanks. That’s one of the funnest parts of a trip. We left a little early so didn’t have to endure the unending line of people waiting for the slowest guy in the world to finish so the next slowest guy could take his place until it’s finally your turn and you find yourself taking your time, making you the slowest dump guy in the world. It’s a “thing”.

After the dump we jumped on Highway 101 North and drove non-stop to Warranton where we stopped at PetCo and got the dogs some more food. Then we took a short trek to Doogers which is located just before the Youngs Bay Bridge. We planned to eat our afternoon meal there as soon as we got in the truck for the trip so the anticipation built for almost 3.5 hours until we finally arrived. Diane had a tuna melt an I had halibut fish and chips. Both were very good. I ate all of mine but Diane couldn’t finish hers. It was a huge sandwich so I understand.

From Warranton we drove straight home, arriving somewhere between 5 and 7. I don’t know exactly when because I didn’t check the clock. I’m pretty sure I’m right, though. It took me a while to jockey the trailer back and forth to get it in just right spot before unhooking it so Diane could put the truck away. Then I rescued the bikes and put them away, also. Diane wanted to leave the trailer plugged in so she wouldn’t have to empty the refrigerator tonight, but it kept blowing the breaker. So, I just unplugged it and left the reefer on gas. That simplified things, a lot. After doing that I think I discovered the reason the breaker tripped … the trailer water heater was still on electric. That’ll eat up some juice.

Now my day is done, except for some photos …



There’s a whale in the middle of the photo about 200 feet off shore.


Beverly Beach is the long stretch of sand toward the top.


Beverly Beach looking south


Beverly Beach looking north. It was so crowded that we didn’t stay long.


Goodwill parking lot. Diane said, “See. I’m not the only one who parks this way.”


Remnants of an interesting tree in the park. Looks like some sort of critter, doesn’t it? You can see on top where the tree was removed, leaving just the roots.




Yes, we rode our bikes.


Diane sat on the beach and just watched the waves while I roamed around picking up brown rocks.


That’s the way back to Beverly Beach State Park, under Highway 101.


There was a big dog running around on the beach before we got there. Would have liked to seen it. 

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