About Me

I’m a retired US Navy veteran, and a retired employee of a public utility that was, at one time, owned by the infamous ENRON Corporation. Because of that, I retired the second time without the benefit of the 401k to which I donated for 21 years. So, once the grieving was done, I decided to move on and spend more time on the lighter side of life. It’s far more enjoyable over here.

I’ve been married to Diane, my high school sweetheart, since 1968. She stayed with me through the last 20 years of my Navy career. During that time we moved about 10 times, starting on the island of Okinawa, and ending on the island of Oahu, then back to Oregon in 1989. Since then we’ve moved twice. Being more stationary has not dampened our love of travel. Our last big trip lasted 70 days and took us over 11,000 miles on a drive around the USA. I rode, Diane drove.

Our sons, Brad and Jeff, were born in Rome, Italy, and our daughter, Jennifer, was born in Agana, Guam.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Nice life, but of course i am meirley a teenager and my life is complicated and vain in comparison with yours. I hope to travel around the world someday as well.

    • Hi Ally – thanks for checking it out. The bulk of my travels happened while I was in the US Navy, as you may have guessed. I was fortunate to have been born earlier in this century, when “things” were far more simple. Follow your dreams, always give someone a helping hand when they need it, and always do the absolute best job you can at whatever you do. I bet you’ve heard all that before.

  2. I always say that it’s easier to laugh over things we couldn’t control, than to be angy. Anger just kills our spirit for love! Cant’ wait to read more about your posts……

    • Here’s a long overdue Thanks for stopping by. I totally agree with your philosophy. It’s no fun being angry about stupid things beyond our sphere of influence, so why bother. I appreciate your time and hope to see you around.

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