Whale, Crab, & Depoe Bay

Today was a real lazy one. Although we got up at a reasonable time, we didn’t leave the trailer until afternoon when we decided to visit Depoe Bay. While pondering that short trip we just sat and read our books. We read a lot, just sitting here in the quiet. 
It must have rained last night because there were puddles on our picnic table.  By the time we got in the truck the sun was trying to shine, and by the time we got to Depoe Bay it was in full bloom. Sunshine everywhere. Our objective was lunch at Gracie’s Sea Hag restaurant.  We always eat there when in the vicinity because it’s good.  I have the Crab Louie, and Diane has fish and chips. It’s the best around. 

Before going in to eat, however, we sat on a bench overlooking the inlet to the bay from the ocean and we were treated to a terrific show by a pod of whales. They were spouting all over the place and some were rolling to show us their fins and others gave us good looks at their tales. It was pretty awesome.  It’s the first time I’ve ever seen whales off the Oregon coast. I forgot to mention that on the way through Depoe Bay on Monday we had to stop at the light and saw whales spouting so we knew they were in the area. What a treat. 

We returned to the park around 4:30 pm and sat on the beach for an hour, huddled in our winter coats watching the little children play in the freezing water unfazed. I actually remember those days when I thought the Pacific Ocean was warm. Brrrrrr. 

When the wind picked up, making the kiters happy, we returned to the trailer to warm up. Before going in I reconnected the satellite dish just for fun (it didn’t work yesterday) and it worked. Diane’s ecstatic!  It works. Our southern exposure is severely limited so I’m surprised it worked. Now we can watch HGTV all night. Great, right?

I’m quitting now, before I get into trouble. 

Don’t forget to revisit this weeks entry next week because I’ll be adding photos. In case you’re interested. 

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