Well, it wasn’t really a reunion, more like a visit from some of our favorite relatives. That would be Bob, Steffani, and Maryssa. Making it even better, Lydia and Jeran found their way up the hill to join the fun. Hearing all the noise up stairs, Jeff, Heather, Gilligan, Baylee, and Jerrie joined the crowd. It was a busy time in the old house for a while.

Gilligan, Jeran, Baylee, Maryssa, Lydia, Steffani’s feet, Baylee’s feet, Bob’s feet
Maryssa, Lydia, Steffani, Jerrie, Bob

Since we don’t all get together very often a discussion was had about when the last time it happened. Thanks to modern technology, someone (Maryssa, I think) resurrected an old photo that depicts the moment. I have no idea when it was taken, but it was definitely our back yard, and all the older children were still struggling toward adulthood.

Cedric, Lydia, Gilligan, Baylee, Maryssa, Jerrie, Heather (Mom of the three littles)

Having found this photo everyone thought it would be fun to recreate the photo but we could do it with 100% accuracy because Cedric is currently floating around in the Pacific Ocean on his way to Guam, his Mother’s native country. He’s on the USS Nimitz CVN-68.

So, Jeran stepped ups to fill his older brother’s shoes and we came away with this …

Jeran, Gilligan, Lydia, Baylee, Maryssa, Heather, Jerrie

It’s pretty close and will serve the purpose. I suspect Cedric will approve.


Here’s an update – Maryssa was the instigator of recreating the photo because the original was taken 8 years ago on this same day. Nifty.

Golf with my Bride

Yesterday was a stellar day. Diane went golfing with me for the first time in many years and she finally got her new set of golf clubs a little dirty.

The clubs, I must add, are about 10 years old, but they were still brand new because she’s never used them until yesterday. It was a happy day in the sunshine.

There were two big obstacles for her to go golfing with me:

  • The weather was either too cold or too hot.
  • Too many people around watching her.

So, yesterday was a rare day and it was initiated by her … she told me she wanted to go with me. That made it interesting for me because I’d just golfed with my buddy Doug the day before so she was setting me up for two days in a row. That’s unheard of in Jerrie’s World of Golf.

But, no way was I going to turn down a date with my Sweetheart.

I made a tee time for 10:12. We were there in plenty of time but we were just slow enough that the couple we were paired with had already teed off so we had to go alone. Darn, said Diane, although I’m sure she would have gone anyway. Still, being on our own was a better choice.

Getting off the first tee is always a challenge for me so I appreciated Diane’s bravado in kicking us off. She didn’t go far, but she went straight, as she did every time she hit the ball. Me? I can hit it a long ways, and generally straight, just not the direction I think it should go. It’s Army Golf for me – left, right, left, etc…

It was a beautiful day and I’ve not seen Diane smile as much in one day for a long time. We had a great time visiting buzzing around in the cart looking for my balls. Her’s were always easy to find. Mine were a challenge most of the time.

After we finished our round on the course we were tempted to just continue on to the beach for lunch but chose to just head home with a stop at Costco on the way – we needed toilet paper, I think. Got a bunch of other stuff, too.

I’m hoping she found our time together on the links as enjoyable as I did and will make this a recurring date.

You might wonder what our scores were but none of us will never know. I just gave us alternating bogeys and double bogeys all the way around. Looks good on paper.