Beverly Beach & Wal*Mart

So, here we are at Beverly Beach on the glorious Oregon Coast. We arrived yesterday afternoon when it was bright, sunny, and warm. The space (C7) had all the necessary features (water, sewer, electricity, cable TV) but it was only 32 feet long. The trailer and truck need more like 45 feet of space.  But, we parked, got the trailer stabilized and spent a pretty good night in the quiet. Right behind our spot is an ongoing bank stabilization project to keep the park from falling into the creek behind us. Big trees coming down and big rocks being added. Fun to watch but noisy when they got to work around 9 this morning. 

People gathered in the closed spot next to us to watch the chaos. So, I went to visit the Rangers to see if there was something a little further inland that was available. I though it was worth a shot because we watched a lot of big rigs filing out of the park.  Luck was with us and Taylor, my Ranger, closed us out if C7 and logged us into G36. Doing this meant we’d have to rough it without sewer and TV. There was an outside chance the satellite receiver might work but it didn’t. 

BUT, G36 is a 65 foot long pull through spot so it was OK. We just decided we’d skip showers and only go to the bathroom every second time we felt the need. Now, considering our advanced age, that last bit was a stretch so we decided instead that we’d only flush every second time. After careful consideration we decided the heck with it, we’re on vacation, so we’re just going to use the bathroom whenever we want to. As many times as we want to.  When the tank gets full we’ll deal with it.

Sadly, when removing stuff from the truck I discovered that my treasured iPad has a cracked screen. It still works good, but it’s very unsightly and I just know that it won’t be long before I suffer a sever, life altering injury while swiping through one of my books. So, I’ll be looking at new ones sometime soon. 

Speaking of books … I downloaded a new one from iBooks yesterday and it doesn’t work like all the others. I checked. Instead of advancing a page forward when tapping the ride side of the screen, it goes back one page. Just the opposite of all the other books I have. Also, when viewing it in two column mode, you must read the right column first, then the left one or it doesn’t make any sense. So, I put it in scroll mode, which I don’t like but will use because I like the book. Very odd behavior. 

This morning, before changing spots, we went to Wal*Mart in Newport to get Diane some socks because her feet were cold and she didn’t bring any and I wouldn’t let her use mine. I knew right where Wal*Mart was because I had to go there yesterday to get an RV water regulator to replace the one I left laying on the garage floor at home. After returning “home” we went to the beach and took a nice long walk.  According to Diane’s Fitbit we went 3.5 miles. Pretty good. I came back with a nice load of rocks to mess with. The first one I found was an agate. The rest weren’t. 

I have photos for all the things I mentioned, but can’t add them from my iPad. If I remember, I’ll add them when we get home next month. Until then. Stay safe and don’t believe everything you hear on the news. And, I lied about my socks. Diane can wear them any time she wants. 

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