Hill Air Force Base

Today Diane drove a marathon from Kanab to Hill AFB near Ogden. It was about a 380 mile stint part of which was documented in my previous entry titled ‘Escape From Kanab‘. That was done on my iPad, on the fly, and the connection was tenuous so it failed to upload. I just discovered that and added it. So, this is my third entry for the day and I’m going to make it a short one.

After getting our coffee in Cedar City things mellowed out nicely. Diane was happy, I was happy, and it just got better when the speed limit went to 80 mph. Diane let out a little shriek of happiness that startled me, just before she pumped the cruise control up to match the sign.

At this point it’s important that you know Utah drivers are about the worst we’ve ever encountered. Anywhere. Considering all the traveling we’ve done over the years, I think we’re qualified to pass judgement. Okay, maybe not pass judgement. How about  criticize and share opinions? That’s better. It’s probably not a good idea to pass judgement on anyone in Utah since there is a concentration of Mormons in the area and we’re not entirely sure what kind of punishment they would impose for that kind of infraction. So, it’s just opinions, based on personal observation during the many times we’ve been in Utah. In general, most of them are pretty good, but those who are bad, in my opinion, are terrible and dangerous. It’s evident the bad drivers have attitudes. Bad ones. Consequently, they take a lot of chances. At 80 mph what they do, in my opinion, is pretty much insane. In my opinion.

In spite of it all, we managed to make it safely to Hill AFB, our goal for the day. I called first thing this morning to make a reservation at their on base lodging. The room(s) we were given are absolutely incredible. It’s a two room suite which allowed Diane to watch Dancing With The Stars in the bedroom while I watched recaps of all the Pac-12 games on ESPN in the living room. It’s also got free wi-fi which we are taking full advantage of by connecting five devices. We couldn’t use them right away, however, because they all needed charging. While that was going on we walked over to Burger King (yes, it’s on base), then on to the base Exchange for a look see at what they might have that other Exchanges don’t. It’s evident, after close scrutiny, that all base Exchanges, for all bases, Navy and Air Force, use the shame shopping list to stock their shelves. And, the prices are pretty much the same at all of them.

The walk we took to visit Burger King and the Exchange covered about 2 miles by my estimation. It was a long ways. But, the air was clear and comfortable, and we needed the walk. Walking was also a deterrent for buying things we didn’t need which is always a danger when we drive. We’ll just drop by there tomorrow morning on our way to Nampa and pick up some things we need.

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