Nampa, Idaho

We arrived in Nampa around 4:30, I think. It may have been 3:30. It’s a topic for discussion because one of us has remained on Pacific time since leaving home on September 23rd. Transiting through Arizona compounded the problem because they don’t change their clocks which I think is a stellar idea. Then we went straight north to Utah and the time changed on our phones, but not on one of our wrist watches, or in the car. It really doesn’t matter since we’ll soon be back on Pacific time, but it causes confusion for one of us having to deal with the difference, explaining time and again that it’s not really noon, for instance, but one o’clock.

Our brief visit to Hill AFB was really nice. We didn’t go by the exchange to make those unnecessary purchases I mentioned, but we did go by the gas station to fill up, and Burger King for a warm sandwich. I also got orange juice and Diane got a huge cup of really hot, really bad coffee. She asked that they put four sugars in it, but I bet they forgot. Fortunately, we have those kind of supplies for emergencies, which this was, and I poured a bunch in and it didn’t do much good. Before doing that, however, she told me to put some in my travel mug but I used hers instead because mine was moldy and didn’t smell nice. Diane had to roll down her window. In my half, I poured five (5) of those little creamers and it did no good. It was a total waste of creamers, but I drank it anyway, just because. If only we could have found a Starbucks in a timely manner. By the time they appeared on our radar it was too late because we were almost to our destination.

Our average speed for the trip, including the 2 hours I drove (yea!), was 72.8 mph with two stops – one to pee and one to reload our bladders. So we made good time.

Nothing significant happened other than the fact that we were happy to arrive safely in Idaho where drivers are more sane. I don’t think anyone from Utah followed us across the state line so think we’re going to remain safe for a while longer.

When we arrived, Jim met us at the front door in his pajamas which indicated, to me, that it was time for bed. I don’t know why he bothered with them because he generally sleeps in his TV chair wearing what ever he has on at the moment. But he did. They are festive blue ones. He wore them the entire evening, even at dinner.

Before dinner, Steffani and Maryssa arrived to visit. Maryssa was a little punch drunk from lack of sleep (homework, she said) and went to work on current homework, laying on the floor, on her stomach, eating cookies and drinking a big glass of milk. It was interesting and caused me to wonder if I could do that without spilling it all over myself. I don’t think I my neck would bend back far enough to get anything in my mouth. But that’s to be expected, I suppose, since I’m way beyond 16, unlike her.

Bob arrived from his dentist shortly thereafter, then we all sat down for a pot roast dinner. It was awesome. The only problem was when Jim put a glass of water in front of my plate right where I was about to point, and I didn’t see it. I’m sure he’s the one who did it because I have no memory of picking it up before. I could’ve, I suppose, but I will always wonder. The result was that I hit it dead center and dumped all but about 1.5 swallows all over the table. Thankfully Donna had a table cloth on the table which soaked up most of it but an auxiliary towel was required to mop up the remainder. Quick action on everyones part kept it out of Steffani’s lap. Diane, of course, was mortified, as well she should have been, but everyone else seemed to take it well.

Spilling the water kinda ended the meal, so we ate cake, then everyone participated in completing Maryssa’s homework. It was a good exercise for all of us. It was all about medical terms. None of my answers were used.

After visiting for a short time Jim fell asleep in his chair and all the sudden it was time for bed. So that’s where I am at the moment. Diane sequestered herself in another bedroom and locked the door so I perceived that I was to use the other one. Which I’m doing.

Tomorrow, Jim wants to get up at some outlandish hour and do “stuff” so that’s what we’ll do. Now I must sleep.

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