Escape From Kanab

We finally escaped the sedating effect of Kanab at either 8 or 9 this morning. We’re not sure which is true because Waze took us back to Arizona, instead of North, when I programed her for Hill AFB in Ogden, Utah. So we circled around a bit, switching back and forth between Pacific and Mountain time. Very confusing and made me blink a lot.

Ultimately, however, things leveled out, I became more aware of my surroundings. I suspect the reason for that is because the landscape began to attain a tinge of green. The change was so subtle that it was almost like an illusion. By the time we made it to Hurricane, Utah there were actually trees and the telephone signal gained a bunch of bars, becoming a very solid 4G presence. All of our eletronical devices became happy clams. Once again we could communicate.

Sadly, about 20 miles before that happened, I called brother Jim seeking permission to transit the Utah/Idaho border at some point tomorrow. He wanted a specific time but I couldn’t comply, not knowing what tomorrow might bring. Then, as luck would have it, the signal was either lost or Jim hung up. Either way the all was terminated. He was at Burger King participating in his Tuesday Coffee Clash so I suspect he hung up. So, we are in jeopardy of violating some sort of idahoian law tomorrow the punishment for which we do not know. It could be bad.

When we escaped from Kanab we began a quest to find a Starbucks so we could obtain invigorating refreshment. It quickly became apparent that Utah doesn’t allow these popular stores inside their city limits, only on freeways, and in the wrong direction. Consequently, the only caffeine we’ve had today was from the pump pot at the hotel. Diane said it wasn’t bad, but 50% of us didn’t agree. Perhaps when reach the boundaries of a larger metropolis there will be solace in the form of a Venti White Chocolate Mocha No Whip (VWCMNW).

Shortly before we got to Hurricane, an old guy on a Harley made a dedicated attempt to demonstrate how the gene pool is maintained in a manner that only allows relatively intelligent folks to breed. We were on a two lane road and he chose to pass when some very large vehicles were coming our direction at a combined closing speed of 120 mph. Had Diane moved a couple of inches to the left there would have been some serious skid marks on the pavement as he didn’t leave his lane and barely missed the front bumper when he chose to position himself in our lane. Exciting.

Glory Hallelujah!! Cedar City, Utah has a Starbucks. We’re stopping and I’m done here.

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