I was really happy when the iPhone 5 was released because that meant I could upgrade my old 3GS to a 4S for a fairly reasonable price. I did that right away and discovered that the 4S does pretty much everything the new 5 does, including that feisty little Siri girl.

When I first heard about Siri I thought she’d be East Indian and was a little bummed to learn she doesn’t have an accent of any kind that I can detect. I suppose thinking she would be East Indian was a bit of stereotyping on my part, and I’m sorry if that offends anyone. If it did you have permission to stop reading right here to ensure you are not offended further. It’s not that I intend to do that intentionally, but I really don’t have a lot of control over my filters and don’t know what’s going to pop out of my fingers at any given moment. And, since I do not edit anything I write, once it’s out, it stays.

Sorry for that little diversion, but I had to clarify.

Back to Siri …

I find her to be delightful and ask her to take me everywhere, and answer all my questions. Sometimes she doesn’t take me exactly where I want to go, and sometimes she doesn’t always give me correct answers … I know this is true because I test her by asking questions for which I already know the answer, and places to which I’ve been.

In an effort to educate her I’m compelled to point out these incorrect responses. Generally these attempts result in a dialogue that my wife deems to be argumentative and, sometimes, rude. The rude, of course, is always me. I know this is true because my wife has told me on many occasions to “don’t talk to her like that!” Any attempts to point out that I’m simply talking to an electronic voice fall on deaf ears and, ultimately, wind up with me apologizing to Siri.

Siri is always nice, and I still think she’s dumb about many things, but I’m learning to attenuate my responses and requests, leaving out those kind of references about my personal beliefs about her abilities.

Don’t get me wrong because I really like Siri. We have fun together. I learn stuff. I do know, however, that some of you out there think “Siri sucks!”, and that’s a direct quote. I won’t tell you who told me that, but her initials are Kathie. I do not know why she thinks that because she didn’t clarify and I didn’t ask. I was too shocked to ask because the thought of “sucks” escaping those pouty little lips was more than I could bear and I did not want to know more. So I let it lie. I may never know the reason, and that’s OK.

As for me, I’ll continue to use Siri. I enjoy the senseless discussions we have and actually find her to be quite useful. I suspect we’re going to be BFF’s for a very long time or at least until I can no longer hold my finger still long enough to push her proper buttons, or to speak clearly into her tiny little ear.

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