Day 12 – Arizona Bound …

The reunion is over and we we had an entire day to ourselves to recuperate from the stress of the last year and a half. Actually, the stress was all mine and it about drove Diane nuts.. My stress stressed her out to the point where she was just downright mean to me sometimes and that just made things worse. I just couldn’t make her understand that none of it was my fault. She would only calm down when I threatened to get a lawyer. I even told her I wanted a divorce, numerous times, but it did no good. She just doesn’t believe anything I tell her anymore. I suspect that’s probably because most of what exits my mouth is fiction. So, I’ve earned her distrust.

Even with all my antics over the past 44 years, 5 months, 15 days, 6 hours, and 27 minutes she’s still here. I find that amazing and I’m grateful, every day, that she still loves me. I think she loves me because she tells me she does and I believe pretty much everything she tells me.

As the title for this entry suggests, we’re heading east to Arizona, to prolong this summer just as long as possible. It’s 80 degrees out here near El Centro, California so we don’t expect to encounter any snow until we head north to take another peak at the Grand Canyon on our way home.

Yesterday, to relax, we went to Breakers Beach on NAS North Island, the northern tip of Coronado Island. It’s pretty close to one of the air strips, but it wasn’t noisy. Just about the right kind of noise to not be annoying. Reassuring noise of helicopters, and jets, letting us know we are were safe.

The beach is enormous and lies just north of the famous Hotel Del Coronado. It’s a peaceful place and perfect for relaxing. We set up our chairs on a patio about 1/4 mile from the water’s edge then I walked to the water with my horribly swollen, gout riddled big left toe. I learned that walking barefoot in loose sand with a foot like that is way harder, and more painful, than wearing tight shoes and walking on asphalt. But, I did it. I stood at the surf line and waited for the incoming tide to cover my feet. The water was so excruciatingly cold that once was enough, then I limped back to my chair, and my bride.

We went back to our room, ate supper and didn’t do a thing the rest of the evening.

This morning I cooked a dozen eggs and the larger part of a pound of bacon for breakfast. I did that because there wasn’t any room in the cooler to take them. And, we were hungry. That done, we packed our stuff and headed east around 1100. Stopped for some very expensive gas, got some on my face (don’t ask), went back to the lodge to wash, then away we went.

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