CD Players

Today I learned how to dismantle a 5-CD player. It wasn’t a big deal because it wasn’t mine, so taking it apart wasn’t a delicate issue. Actually, Gene is the one who took it apart … I just watched, mostly, giving handy directions when I thought it was necessary. He handled the directions well which I found interesting, because he’s an old WWII Marine (Semper Fi). And, I know I can outrun him for the 15-20 feet necessary to get out of his range.

This project was started, just before supper, because the disc holder wouldn’t open. It was jammed shut. About 20 years ago he had it repaired, but it didn’t do any good. Maybe it as only 5 years ago. Or less. I don’t know. I suppose I could ask because he’s only about 15 feet away, in another room, but I don’t want to.

Once it was dismantled, totally, we figured out what made it tick and started putting it back together, attempting to get the tray to slide back and forth in the process. We were successful with that, then went to work reconnecting all the little wires we’d pulled off the many circuit boards. The first three attempts failed, then Gene was ordered out of the house to BBQ the hamburgers, and I was left to my own devices.

Working really hard, and fast, I managed to get it all put together, and working, before he got the burgers back in the house. It was really good timing and everyone in the house, all four of us, were totally amazed that it worked. And we only had one screw left over. How perfect is that?

So, now Gene and I are experts at fixing these things, but it’s a useless skill because they don’t make this model any more. Perhaps if it fails again Gene will work on it. By himself. He’s pretty handy so I’m confident he won’t have any trouble at all.

If you need help with something like this, and you live in Arizona, call Gene.

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