The Cruise – Day 14

Day 14 – April 22, 2023 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

We arrived at our anchorage around 0700. Sadly, there’s no place to park this big ship inside the port so we had to anchor offshore and use boats to go ashore. They call them tenders at times like this, but they are really lifeboats. I know this is true.

The bus tour Diane scheduled was leaving the ship at 0900 and we had to show up for muster at 0800 to get our sticker. We finally wound up on about the 4th or 5th tender to leave the ship. In addition to 4 of the ships tenders, civilian tenders pitched in to help ferry folks to the inner harbor.

There are about 8 zillion boats in and around Cabo’s harbor. Additionally, there are a lot of scary people riding sea scooters that go about 80 mph. They just zip all over the place, seemingly without a care about the many boats they are annoying.

Once ashore we joined Oscar, the bus driver, and Israel, our tour guide, for a look around the area.

The first place we went was to a fandancy restaurant where we obtained a gratis drink – soda, water, or beer. I had a Mexican can of Pepsi, and Diane had a Mexican 7UP. They tasted normal; in case you’re wondering.

From the seaside, multi-level patio area of the restaurant we could see the ship at anchor.

From the restaurant we were driven to San Jose which is a little east and north from Cabo. Once there we were turned loose on the city’s huge main piazza. It must be 10 acres of open space that is completely covered what appeared to be 2×3’ tiles that were perfectly level.

We wandered around the piazza taking photos and saying “no gracia” to the myriad folks trying to sell us things. We wished we could accommodate all of them, because they are so nice, but we really have no way to transport a suitcase full of tchotchkes without them breaking, not to mention how overweight our luggage would be.

At one end of the piazza is an old church which we entered. It’s quite rustic, but beautiful for its simplicity. We sat for a bit and watched a lady (a nun, maybe?) teaching a group of children communion and how it’s done. The children appeared to be somewhere between 8-10.

We left the church and wandered back toward the spot where Oscar let us off an hour or so prior. He wasn’t there, yet, but we were early. When he arrived we returned to our seats and adjusted the A/C again. It’s warm in Cabo, but not sufficatingly so like Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Huatulco.

We were driven back to Cabo but before going back to the ship there was one more stop, at a “blow glass” business. A friend of Israel’s works there and it’s apparently a regular stop. In addition to watching the workers, about 10 of them, scurrying around with molten glass on a metal rod, one of them sat in front of us and created a turtle with a sombrero and a bottle of tequila in about 10 minutes. It was impressive. Another worker brought him different colors in a choreographed manner so he didn’t have to get up and get it himself. It was fun to watch. It was interesting to learn that this facility does not make glass. They recycle it.

Once the turtle was done, he held it up for all to see, then took a peso note and touched it to the finished product and it burst into flame. A demonstration of how hot it was.

Then we were ferried back to the main part of Cabo where all the fun happens. Especially on a Saturday night, like today. It was getting vey noisy as our tender headed for the ship putting a definite end to this tour. It was a good day.

Did I mention that there were some pretty classy yachts scattered around the harbor?

Once aboard the ship we immediately went to the Lido deck to seek food. We didn’t stop for lunch on our tour, and we were hungry. We ate tacos and chips and cheese.

At 1500 the ship upped anchor, we made a right turn, and headed for San Diego. We’ll be there the day after tomorrow.

We ‘live’ on the right, or starboard side of the ship so the sail away from Cabo was right in front of us. The driver spun this big ship around and sailed straight out for about a mile, then made that right turn slowly so we could all see the lands’ end where the Baja Peninsula meets the sea. The arch that’s revealed as we pulled out was right where it’s supposed to be.

Then we went to Lido to eat something. I had roasted chicken and green beans followed by a small salad with lots of shallots, which was a mistake. I guess they kinda curled Diane’s eye lashes a little. I would’ve brushed my teeth but we were late for the 1930 show and had to rush to the other end of the ship. One of the promenade walkers told me that once around the main deck is 1/3 of a mile. So, I guess walking from one end to the other is about 1/6 of a mile. Then we had to walk back to our cabin which is half of 1/6 so that should be 1/12. Making the afternoon trip about ¼ of a mile, right? Just guessing, of course.

The evening show was BBE (Boy Band Evolution), four young men singing hit songs from pretty much all genres and doing it very well. Fun to watch and listen too.

Now we just rest until our eyes tell us it’s time to call it a night.

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