The Cruise – Day 13

Day 13 – April 21, 2023 – Puerto Vallarta

On the railing, at 0630, were two pigeons that appeared to be wishing us a belated anniversary. The stuck around for a long time. It was special.

0800 we had a couples massage at the spa. Michelle massaged Diane, and Moi massaged me. Both girls were little, but Diane’s was littler than mine. Both, however, could really push hard on sore muscles. I can’t say my massage was relaxing because it really wasn’t. They were, however, beneficial in that for me, at least, they unraveled a few raveled spots around my shoulder blades. There were some really crunchy spots back there and Moi wasn’t hesitant about attempting to make them go away. So, tomorrow I will be sore for sure.

We did not go ashore today. Just lounged around on our balcony reading and resting. The temp is down to 80 which actually felt a little cool. I suspect the humidity here is a lot less which makes a difference.

It was nice and quiet on Lido for lunch with most everyone ashore doing stuff. According to our itinerary, everyone is supposed to be back aboard in about 3 minutes, then we’ll push away from the pier at 1500. That’s what happened.

Diane spotted this little manta ray swimming near the ship. He must have talked with the pigeons earlier.

We watched the departure then I went to a doctor’s appointment at the spa. Yes, the spa actually has a doctor. He does acupuncture which I’ve been interested in for my sciatica. He checked my back and left leg and reported that I definitely have inflammation all over the place. Then he explained the acupuncture process, showed me the needles, and asked if it was something I’d be interested in trying. Since I’ve never had acupuncture before I said, “Sure. Let’s do it!” So we did. Only took about 45 minutes and only cost $211. He suggested that I do 5 treatments to get the full value of the process but that meant I’d spend a lot of time in the spa and the price would be $800. I declined and suggested that I’d better join a gym and see if that helps.

When I got back, Diane made me take a shower to get rid of all that icky spa oil Moi smeared all over me in the morning so we could go to dinner.

Then we sailed away into the sunset.

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