The Cruise – Day 9

Day 9 – April 17, 2023 – Acajutla, El Salvador

Arrived in port about 0730 and got to watch the skipper wiggle this big ship through a tight spot to a secluded pier. It was accomplished without mishap and smooth as silk.

There will be no walking on the pier as it’s an industrial area. Getting to town requires everyone to use either a shuttle bus, or take a tour.

Our ride will be on a tour bus. It’s a big one. It’s the pink one on the right side of the row. They were ready for us.

The ride through many very narrow streets was amazing. The driver didn’t hit anything.

We were taken to see volcanos, from a distance, then to a town that has an amazingly large vegetable market. All fresh produce that is grown by pretty much everyone who lives here. Lots and lots of bananas.

Met an indigenous lady who is very small and old.

There were kids everywhere who were amazed to see strangers like us in their town. Apparently, school got out early, or they have short days. All of them wear uniforms to maintain uniformity. Tricky, huh?

We had to be back at the ship before 1630, our scheduled departure time. We were plenty early because our trip wasn’t a marathon 9-hour bus ride. More like 5 hours.

When we got back, and had been on board a short time, I heard drums banging. Looking from our veranda I say a large orchestra arrange on the pier. They were playing a big band stuff and they were absolutely great. They played for a couple of hours with enthusiasm, and they were good. We understand they were a Navy band which we presumed because they were all dressed up in white uniforms that just looked Navy to us.

The band played until the last bus arrived and the gangway was removed. As the ship pushed away from the pier, they finished putting their instruments away and waved us off. Quite stunning.

The evening show was pianist Hyperion Knight. This guy is incredible. He narrated the entire show, giving us an education about the composers before playing them.

Then to bed at 2100. Got an early morning trip planned.

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