The Cruise – Day 8

Day 8 – April 16, 2023 – At sea – Depart Costa Rica, bound for El Salvador

Woke up way late this morning around 0730. Took my pills and ate one of the oranges I snitched from the Lido Market after eating dinner yesterday. It’s OK. That’s legal.

Diane slept until 1030 which was good because she was pretty exhausted after that long bus ride and walking we did yesterday. Surprisingly, my normal morning pains were absent, so the walking was good for me.

We went to the Lido deck and ate a late breakfast. On the way out I greeted to a guy who had on a Navy hat. Those guys seem to be everywhere. His name is Jerry and his partner is Barbara. We wound up sitting down at their table and talking for about an hour.

Spent some time in swimming suits on our veranda. I have photos but I’m not allowed to use them. Diane said no. The weather was calm and the air was perfectly warm. Nothing to see out there except a bunch of seagulls that followed us from Costa Rica.

The ocean was initially very choppy in the morning, with white caps everywhere. As the day progressed, those went away, and the calm flat water returned.

Went to lunch then returned to the veranda for a while until the ladies next door decided to hang out on their veranda and talk loudly. So, we went inside and read, waiting till dinner then we’re going to see a magician in the theater.

We cruised up the coasts of Costa Rica, and Nicaragua to line up for our arrival in El Salvador. I understand that this will be the first time a Holland America vessel makes a port visit there.

The day was spent sleeping, resting, and eating when necessary. Spent some time on the veranda. Went to bed early because tomorrow’s port visit is only for 8-9 hours. We have a tour that starts at 0800.

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