Oahu – Day 13

I’m pretty sure it’s Monday. That means we only have a few days remaining on this trip but that’s OK. It’s time to go home. The last challenge we’ll have is to stuff everything back into the suitcases. Diane did the packing for the trip over so I’m betting she’ll do it again. She’s good at it, and I’m not.

We drove back to the Navy exchange one more time, mainly to get lunch. We kinda like the food court there. This day Diane got a quesadilla and I had one of those crunch wrap things again. They are pretty good.

After lunch we wandered around in the exchange picking out things for the trip home, then we went to the commissary, next door, to get some food to last us until departure. Diane thought fish would be good as we haven’t had any yet on this trip. Got the fish, but neither we nor anyone who worked in the commissary could find tartar sauce. We had people looking everywhere until we said, “that’s good enough,” and relieved them of their need to search but they wouldn’t quit. It became like a challenge for them to find it because, they all said, “it used to be right there,” as they pointed at a specific shelf in the condiment aisle. But it wasn’t. Long after we’d moved on to get the items needed to make our own there were people wandering around searching for tartar sauce. I’m pretty sure that one of the people I asked for help had been on his way for a break, but the search kept him engaged for a long time. I’m not sure if he ever gave up.

From the exchange we returned to the hotel where Diane released me to be on my own while she went back out in search of a Goodwill store she’d seen earlier. She’s visited every Goodwill store in every city or village we’ve travelled to or through. It’s kind of like Jennie, when she was little, and could spot a McDonald’s from miles away. She was tuned to those golden arches. Diane can find Goodwill stores that way and, once found, she never forgets where they are.

When she left me off in front of the lobby, I carried all the things we’d purchased in the exchange and commissary to our room. I didn’t think it was lot until I got about halfway to the elevators. For our tower, those are about 1/4 mile away. It’s a pretty long walk. Thankfully, there were lots of kind people along the way who helped me up when I fell, and some even offered to carry some of my bags to our room. But, I sucked it up, and kept going. I had to because some of the items I was carrying had to make it to the refrigerator before they melted, or thawed out.

Gasping, I made it to our room and placed the bags on the counter. I had to go to the bathroom real bad, but put that aside while I emptied the bags and got all the items put away in the proper places. Some I left on the counter, but I aligned them, with the labels out, in such a manner that it was easy see what they were. There’s nothing more annoying to Diane than to find cans on a shelf with the label aligned to the back so you have to spin it to see what it was. I actually find that annoying, too.

Then, I sat down on my couch. It is mine because Diane sits in a chair. It’s her chair so I don’t sit there. I like the couch. It’s mine for the duration of our stay. Sitting there, I took the TV remote, turned the TV on, then diligently went through all the channels, one at a time. The guide is annoying because when you push that button you get the list starting with #1 every time. Not the channel you were watching, but #1. I was entertained nicely just scrolling through the channels one at a time, pausing for a while on a one if there wasn’t a commercial on, continuing on if there was. I didn’t keep track of how long it took to got through them all because it didn’t matter.

When I called it quits, I checked my Life 360 app on my iPhone to see where Diane was. She was moving along not far from the hotel so I watched her progress until she made it to the street we’re on. Then I went down to the lobby to meet her. I beat her there by about 7 seconds.

She handed me the car keys then she headed for the elevators with just a small bag. I was amazed. She’d been gone for hours and only had a small bag of stuff to show for it. Putting that thought aside, knowing I’d get the story on my return, I got in the car and drove it to the Hale Koa parking garage to put it up for the night. Then I slowly walked the 1.5 miles back to the hotel. I know, I said previously that it’s only about 1/4 of a mile. but it gets farther away every time I do it. Good exercise I’m told.

For supper I made egg salad sandwiches using 4-5 of the eggs I’d boiled for that purpose. The sandwiches were a bit sloppy because I used too much relish, but I didn’t get anything on my shirt. That’s a win for me. Made Diane proud.

On the news we learned that most of the islands around Oahu were flooding from the storm passing by, but all we see is damp streets. I suppose along the mountains it might be causing problems, but just not where we are. There are a lot of homeless people in Ala Moana Park getting pretty wet from the rain because the police had a round up and made them take the tents down. They are still there with their shopping carts filled, but no tents. It’s a sad state of affairs but one thing that gave me hope was there were no children in the groups. Just adults of varying ages.

Enough of that. I obviously have nothing else of value to share. Except maybe some photos that belong in previous posts.

This one is a shot of the GPS so you could see how fun the freeways connect …

Everything is well marked and the rule seems to be that if you missed an exit it’s OK to cross all the lanes to take it anyway. What fun.

Here’s a rainy day shot …

Here’s our living room …

An interesting point, that I discovered a couple of days ago, is that the DVD player below the TV is a PS3. We don’t watch DVDs on vacation so that little detail escaped us.

And, our bedroom …

Mahalo for your time.

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