Oahu – Day 12

It rained off and on throughout the day so we remained inside again. We really didn’t mind as we’re very comfortable and have lots of things to look at out our windows. Hopefully, the weather will clear at least once before we leave here on Thursday because we still want to visit Pali Lookout and Diamond Head Crater. Actually, what the weather does isn’t really an issue. We’ll go anyway.

About that Crater … the last time we visited Oahu I thought I was still young enough to climb it. I’d done it previously when I was wearing a younger man’s clothes so figured I could do it again. However, half way up, on the really really steep stairs, I discovered that I was wrong. I had to stop because my wee little legs were giving out to the point where I couldn’t go up, or down. My legs would fold up either direction. After resting a while, however, I was able to trudge on to the top without falling down. You’ll have to trust me that it’s a magnificent view but I really do have photos from long ago to prove it. They’re around somewhere. Try this LINK for a comprehensive view of the hike made by someone else.

For lunch we had some sort of beef in juice. I asked Diane what it was and she said it was beef with Au Jus. we discussed it for a while, but neither of us couldn’t remember, for sure, what it was called. So, I retired to the kitchen to dig around in all the cardboard we’ve been saving and found the package it came in.

I did remember that it wasn’t frozen, just refrigerated and found the box. It was “Italian seasoned Roast Beef Au Jus and Savory Sauce”. Four minutes in a microwave and you got a really good meal. With it we had mashed potatoes that came in a box, and some canned string beans. Real classy dining for Hawaii. Made us happy so it was just fine.

In case you missed the post about our visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center, or read it and just didn’t believe we actually went there, I’ve got this for you:

The photo was taken first thing when we entered the gates. The photographer handed us a business card with a QR code on it that was magically tied to the photo. All we had to do was use the code and get the photo online. Pretty nifty. You just have to wonder what these kids will think of next.

That’s it for today.


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