Oahu – Day 5

Today we relaxed in the morning, like all of the morning, then put on our walking shoes so we could go fetch the car without ruining our socks. I actually have a pair of slippahs but they are only for the beach and short walks so I need my shoes. Diane wears her slippahs all da time.

But, first, we had to have lunch because we relaxed so much that we kinda lost track of time. But, lunch was easy because when we went to the commissary the other day Diane tossed a large can of tuna in the cart. She also got relish and mayo so I made tuna sandwiches. They were really good. She let me get a small jar of sweet baby pickles, too, so I was able to get the little added kick that she doesn’t like. It was all good.

Oh! I just discovered that I kinda fibbed a little when I reported previously that I only had two photos of us walking around the Village. Turns out I did take more so here they are …

This is what I call the Hilton Lagoon. They call it something else. But, it’s located in front of the Hilton Rainbow tower so I renamed it.

Here’s Waikiki Beach and a sea of umbrellas that you can rent for $49.95 a day. Want a chair? That’s $35 a day. That’s Diamond Head in the back ground.

Diane found a new friend … and see! She’s got her slippahs on just like I said.

There are ponds throughout the village with lots of fish and this turtle doing some stretching exercises. He must of got a cramp chasing the fish.

Here’s some of the fish. I think many of them are destined for a trip to one of the many kitchens surround the area. That’s a guess, of course.

Diane bought me a new hat, too, but she won’t let me wear it in public.

Oh! And here’s another one from when I stabbed myself in the thumb while cooking.

Once we got ourselves prepared we jogged over to the Hale Koa parking garage, got the car, and drove to Aloha Stadium for the Swap Meet. Sadly, I failed to take a photo of all the vendors. I did, however, get one shot of a typical vendor setup on the way out.

Most of the vendors sell clothing, but there are an amazing array of different items. Look HERE to see more.

After leaving the stadium we mosied over to Pearlridge where our family was sequestered while waiting for base housing in 1986. Obviously it’s changed a bit over the years and, like most of the island, is filled with places to shop for anything you might want.

One of the reasons we went to the swap meet was to get towels and an umbrella for the beach. Found the towels, but no umbrella, so I searched for a nearby Walmart or Target to see if they had something. Target was closer so that’s where we went. We actually found a beach ‘thing’ you sit under that folds up small enough to fit in a suitcase. We’ll be happy to show it to you if they let us bring it home.

Back at the condo I cooked steak for supper. Didn’t want to get the new oven all messy so I just fried it in a pan with some onion and a lot of garlic salt.

While eating, we watched the end of the Dalles/49ers football game. I think that’s the one we watched. The 49ers won which we know made Jeannie very happy. I just did that to see if she’s watching. Jeannie is the organist for our church.

After the football game was over, Diane fiddled with the remote and discovered that “Hobbs & Shaw” had just started. We saw it a long time ago but couldn’t remember enough of it to keep us from watching it again. It’s a fun movie.

Then I gook a shower and we went to bed.

Diane shower’s, too, but only in the mornings.

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