Oahu – Day 4

Today we spent all morning in our room. I got up early, like normal, cooked a Jimmy Dean breakfast for myself, made a pot of coffee and just settled down for a bit until Diane woke up. We both slept well, finally. I was skeptical of how well I slept because my bed was pretty much destroyed this morning.

After Diane woke up we retired to the front porch to just watch the world go by for a while. We just weren’t in a hurry to go anywhere right away. We drank our coffee, watched the traffic, and read stuff. I also worked on the Day 3 post. I do them a day after the event because at the end of a day I’m not capable of doing more than making an outline of events. Seems to work best. You needed to know all that.

Today is an exception to that new rule. Our plan is to watch the remainder of the Chiefs and Jaguars game then we’re going to tour the local area to see what we can see. The reason, Diane said, is to save our energy for tomorrow when we’ll be walking all over Aloha Stadium at the swap meet.

I made salad for lunch. Stabbed my thumb and severed an artery. Almost bled out before Diane got it wrapped with a couple of bandaids. It hurt a little bit.

After the game we went down stairs and walked all over Hilton Hawaiian Village just looking at stuff and greeting to people. Many things were interesting but Diane didn’t want to buy anything before seeing what the swap meet has for us tomorrow. We suspect things will be a little less expensive.

We stopped at the ice cream store and got one scoop each. Only cost $14. While sitting on convenient wall we greeted to passersby and engaged in some interesting conversations. The most interesting was a gentleman who noticed my Navy hat and stopped to talk. He had a Navy hat, also, but his was from the Naval Academy. Here’s what I learned from our conversation:

He lives in Issaquah, Washington, his is last name is Haslet, and he graduated from the academy in 1963. I think he said he quit the Navy in 1969. I failed to get his first name, but his daughter’s name is Adrianne Haslet-Davis. If you read the link you’ll learn that Adrianne is a professional ballroom dancer who lost a foot in the Boston Marathon bombing in 2015. She recovered, and she still dances, and she ran the Boston Marathon. Mr. Haslet told me that she ran two Boston Marathons since the article was written in 2016. A joy to talk with is Mr. Haslet, and our meeting is proof that we really do live in a small world. I wish I had taken a photo with Mr. Haslet, but I didn’t.

We did, however, manage to get a selfie near a big and complex Banyan Tree that resides in the middle of the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

That’s pretty much it for today.

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