Solar Energy Alert

It has come to my attention, from an unknown source, that the use of solar energy has vastly exceeded expectations reported by the Solar Energy Expert Panel (SEEP). This group is composed of seven scientific solar experts from the enormous high desert surrounding Burns, Oregon. It’s rumored that they meet in an abandoned farm house located in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge a little east of Mud Lake in Oregon, which is just a tad south of Burns. The confusion about the location is related to the similarity of the village names (Bern vs. Burns) and the fact that this author has absolutely no idea about that which he writes. Truly, it’s not relevant anyway. So, lets say it’s Burns, Oregon, just for fun.

The end result is that solar energy will be in short supply by the end of 2021, and totally unavailable by 2025.

Warn your neighbors.

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