I’ve transgressed by failing to mention, on the proper day, that our dear Lydia has become a legal member of society by attaining the lofty age of 21. That happened yesterday. Yes, our little cutie …

… is now a big cutie.

The big bottle was a gift from her grandmother on her mother’s side.

She got this shirt, too.

In my defense for being late, there’s been a lot of distracting things going on and I think it’s acceptable that I only missed by a day. We did celebrate with some of the family earlier in the week, before the governor mandated sequestering in our homes. We had cake, fried chicken, potatoes, spinach salad, and carrots. I was told the carrots were for me because I like them. I thought that was very thoughtful of Lydia’s lovely mother.

For a moment, Lydia contemplated eating directly from the cake but she regained her sanity after a stern warning from he Mother.

No one blamed here because the cake was pretty awesome.

Daniel, Lydia’s Father, found one of his middle school year books to share a photo that included both of Lydia’s parents. Jennie is front row, 5th from the left; Daniel is next to last on the right side of the back row. This coming July 1st they will have been married 25 years. Pretty amazing.

One of Lydia’s gifts was a Himalayan Salt lamp that she requested. That thing weighed a ton, at least. After learning that it was a salt lamp, Jeran, Daniel, and I licked our fingers, wiped it on the lamp and tasted it. This wasn’t planned. It was very spontaneous. It was just an example of how alike we are. It was something we needed to know for sure. And it is salty. How about that.

Lydia was a little ticked that we licked her lamp, but quickly got over it.

None of us got sick.

Now for some breaking news. I found this tool on my dresser and it took a while to figure out what it is. It’s a golf divot repair tool used primarily to fix the dents on a green when one hits a ball well enough to land on the green on the fly. I’ve never used this tool because I never hit the ball high enough so it lands hard enough to dent the green.

I’ve apparently had this thing for a lot of years and decided I should put it on eBay. It’s an antique, I’m sure.

I guess that’s all I have for now. We’re defrosting our freezer and I’m supposed to be helping so I better get back to it.

Hope everyone is staying safe, wherever you may be. Just remember … if you wind up in a crowd, hold your breath. Better yet, stay in your jammies and don’t leave the house.

2 thoughts on “Lydia

  1. Jerrie I so enjoy your postings.I am doing well with all that is going on in our crazy world we are living today.The one great part of my day has been to go to the local Canby City Park after picking up my morning coffee at Dutch Bros. Then I would go to City Park which has the Molalla river runing on one side of it.I would watch the guys fish. Day before yesterday one of the guys caught a steel head was about 15 inches long. A beautiful fish. As he walked by my car I opened my window just a little bit and said are you sharing with all of us who were cherring you on in landing that beautiful fish. He said no sharing. I just laughed…..Hope you are both well…VieSent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

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