Paradise Lost

The title for this entry is a nod to my last post “Another Day in Paradise”. That was just 6 days ago. How quickly things change.

The way we live must change, has changed, since the outbreak of COVID-19. In our house we have 3 children ages 12, 10, and 8 and we’ve almost trained them to wash their hands every time they touch a doorknob. This is imperative because they are constantly moving around the house and there are lots of doors. Additionally, they periodically, throughout their busy days, are compelled to wipe down door knobs, cabinet and drawer pulls, sinks and faucets, with antibacterial wipes which are handy throughout the house.

We do all of that even though none of us travel away from the house except to get necessities. But, it only takes one bug to upset the balance we have attained. That’s the message.

Doing all that, then watching the news showing all the party-people playing on Florida beaches, doesn’t make much sense. Won’t be surprised if the government invokes Martial Law to encourage cooperation.

Now, on to more fun stuff.

Today I was reinstated as a card-carrying member of the St. Helens Elks Lodge #1999. That means I can, any time I want, visit the Keizer Elks Lodge and park my RV in their lot and they won’t kick me out, as long as there is space available and the lodge is open. This is a reference, or course, to our last trip to Keizer when we were asked to removed ourselves from their nearly empty RV park because we were not Elk members. I believe that was in a previous post.

Oddly, considering my inability to remember important things, I actually recalled my lodge member number which I last saw about 20 years ago. Amazing. It doesn’t mean anything special except that, well, I remembered it. That’s significant.

Yesterday I fiddled with our RV, putting up our portable satellite antenna in case Diane decided to take up residence, which she’s threatened to do. Not only because she wants to get away from me, but also because she’s more comfortable in the RV bed. I also managed to get broadcast TV on the bedroom TV, something I’ve half-heartedly tried a couple of times with no success, in case she wants to lounge around in bed, just because she can. On those days I go into support mode and get her whatever she wants. Really. I do that for her. I figure it’s the least I can do since she’s allowed live (with her) for the past 52 years or so.

While searching my photos, I found the one I took of the sunset that welcomed us to Lookout State Park on March 6th. I’m pretty sure I haven’t share it with you yet, and it’s worth a look.

The photo is deceptive because it looks like the sun is still above the clouds a little, but it’s actually already below the horizon. Quite stunning.

Now, I’ll end with some random beach pictures.

One day we headed South toward Pacific City. We came around a corner and encountered what I initially thought was a plane crash (really) but it was just a bunch of hang gliders getting ready to launch off the hill toward Lookout State Park. The above photo is the view they have as they run down the hill to get enough air to lift off.

I took videos of a few launches but I’m not able to upload them here without learning something new. So, this is all I’ve got of this event.

For folks who are a little familiar with the Oregon Coast, you may find the interesting. It’s group of three rocks at the southern end of Lincoln City that are normally (when I’ve seen them) surrounded by water. The locals have a name for them, but I can’t remember what it is.

That’s it for today.

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