Good News For Golfers

I have it on good authority that all golfers in the world, or at least in the USA, are going to realize a benefit based on the fiasco of the FBI releasing Hillary of blame for lying to Congress, and her blatant refusal to use an appropriate, secure, government controlled, email server. The FBI decision, I believe, was that she did all those things without meaning to so cannot be blamed. No intent to cause harm, so she walks. Then the AG steps up and abides by the FBI ruling sidestepping her requirement to uphold the law herself. Kinda makes those of us who know that, because we reside lower on the tree of forgiveness, we would be held fully accountable and probably sent to jail. Obviously two sets of rules are in play here.

Now back to golf …

There will no longer be a penalty stoke for hitting a ball into the water or out of bounds. The USGA , the R&A, the PGA, after a private meeting with Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, on a plane somewhere, have recommended that your opponent must prove that you intended to hit the ball into these hazards in order for there to be a penalty.

Carelessness or ignorance is not intent.

No intent-no penalty stroke.

My good friend, Jimmie O’, who keeps a watchful eye on all things golf, relayed this bit of info to me. Sounds like a boon, to me. I’m sure Hillary is thinking the same. No, probably not. I think she’s more attuned to getting her way and would find being at fault, for any infraction, a travesty of justice.

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