My Feet, Diabetes Type II, and The VA

Good news! My feet are in great shape. I know that’s true because a Podiatrist told me so today. He works at the VA and I was sent to see him because I have Type II Diabetes, something relatively new for me, and my primary care doc wanted to ensure my feet were in good working order. You know, not all cracked and bleeding. Sure, she could have looked at them herself, but apparently she’s been trained mainly on things to do with ones innards, not outtards. So, off to the podiatrist.

It was a long wait. Something over two months. Perhaps you know that the VA is offering alternate care for folks who can’t be seen within 30 days. Well, it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. I was called by the folks who offer the alternative care when they were made aware of the long delay, but the trouble is, that was about 1.5 months into my wait. Since the original appointment was just around the corner I told them to forget it. I wasn’t in all that big of a hurry anyway. There’s a perfectly good pair of wire cutters that I use for toe nails and, apparently, according to my Podiatrist, I’m doing OK with them. So, I shall continue.

I had a toenail job at a salon once that Diane had arranged for me, and that was interesting. That was many years ago and I haven’t felt the need to return. The lady who did my toes kind of concerned me when she got into some really heavy breathing toward the end of my treatment. I’m sure she was very into feet. That’s OK, but it was a little disconcerting. Perhaps I’ll give it another try soon, I’m sure, since I have this affliction and it’s way easier for someone else to deal with my feet than me. They seem to be getting farther and farther away.

I have neuropathy, too. In my left foot. It’s not bad. Yet. My Podiatrist told me, and Diane, who was in the room with me, that he has patients who suffer from the burning pain of neuropathy all the time. What I have is actually nothing compared to that. Just a little numbness in spots. The main spot is in the ball of my foot and has caused me concern for years because it feels exactly like my sock is wadded up right in that area. I’ve learned, over time, that no amount of pulling on my sock will fix it. My heart hurts for those who suffer from such advanced versions of neuropathy. It’s pretty brutal. So, Jerrie’s going to take good care of his feet.

I’m one of the lucky ones, so far. I just take pills and make sure I don’t pig out on food that has a lot of Carbs in it. Seems to be working just fine.

I’ve sat here way too long past my bedtime so have to quit before Diane gets cranky with me.


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