Jess, Our Girls, Calendars, Cookies, and a Mystery

It’s a cold, dark and dreary Sunday morning, fitting for the day after a solemn farewell to Jess. She was only 38 years old when she died in an automobile accident last month. This event, and the subsequent memorial service is significant because Jess is Ceiarra’s, Enola’s, and Chloe’s Mom. Three great kids caught up in the turmoil of custody battles over the past few years and then losing their Mom before the dust settled.

Another significant aspect is that Ceiarra and Lydia are probably the best friends ever in the world of how best friends treat each other. It’s an amazing bond they have and one, I’m sure, that helped them both absorb the shock of this loss with minimal damage. Jess will be missed, but she will always be loved by those who were dear to her, and she will never be forgotten by anyone who ever had the privilege of knowing her.

Here’s our girls – Lydia and Ceiarra.


Tomorrow’s Monday and I have Physical Therapy on Tuesday. That means I only have one day to do all the exercises I missed since last Thursday. Dang.

Whitney, our neighbor, paid us a visit earlier this evening wanting to borrow oatmeal. That’s what she said. Really, I think, she came over to make the dogs bark. I’m sure I’m wrong about that, however, because they bark at anyone who knocks on the door … or drives by. Or simply walks by … on a street 1/4 mile away. They are very alert. Anyway, Whitney said she’d bring us cookies if she could borrow some oatmeal. Of course we gave her all we had. In about 10 minutes she was back with a plate of hot cookies and the remainder of the oatmeal. I swear it was a trick because I’ve never seen anyone make cookies that fast. I ate two of them right away. Good job, Whitney.

Diane and I share our calendars and it’s become a source of entertainment for me. The only entry for tomorrow is “Remember chicken – freezer to garbage”. So, she puts garbage in the freezer until garbage day. Interesting. I wonder how much of that I’ve eaten in the past while left alone long enough that I had to cook something to eat. Or starve. Maybe I should start reading the labels on that stuff.

Another thing I see, at least once a month, is “Jerrie cleans furnace air filters”. It’s funny because it’s stated like I actually do that. I thought all I had to do was reset the little timer thing that lets us know when to do it. I didn’t know it was an actual job. No doubt I’ll be hearing more about that in a little while.

Next Friday is Jerrie Ann Diane’s 5th birthday. My how time flies. She’s getting to be quite a little personality. Since she has Gilligan and Baylee to help with that, I wouldn’t expect anything less.DSC_3701

And, don’t forget that Gracie’s birthday is coming up next month and, according to Jim, she’s probably expecting a party. I don’t have a photo or I’d add one here.

On a parting note, I must share a pretty special thing that happened this morning. As previously reported, Jewel is residing with us. This morning she came out of her room holding a penny in the palm of her hand and asked us if we had lost it. She found it laying on the rug in her room as soon as she got up. But, we don’t go in her room, and that rug had been vacuumed more than once in the past week. What’s interesting is it was a 1913 penny. Both of our Mom’s were born in 1913 and they graduated from High School together in Nebraska. Jewel and I were both born in 1944 and graduated from High School together in Scappoose. Neither of our Mom’s were aware that they lived only a few miles apart for many years until my brother, Jack, figured out the relationship between them. What a surprise. So, the question is, how did the 1913 penny wind up on Jewel’s bedroom floor? And, what does it mean?

I leave you to ponder that as I prepare myself for bed.


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