Memorial Day

This morning I had my iPad alarm set for 0615, but woke up at 0515 when my internal alarm went off. I actually got up to ensure I didn’t fall asleep and miss my obligation.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was hoping to get some young people to help me out with placing flags around town and was very surprised when four of them signed up – Lydia and her friend Alyssa, and Cedric and his friend Stephen. Two 14-year-olds, and two 15-year-olds. All four were extremely responsible and helpful so we were done in short order.

Then, as promised, we went to Sunshine Pizza for breakfast which cost me $28. Not bad, really, for 5 heavy eaters. Well, 4 heavy eaters, and me.

The rest of this day was devoted to absolutely nothing except watching movies, eating, and lying around in our jammies. We do, however, always honor our veterans who scarificed everything so we could do this.

Because of our history, we both have strong personal connections to all veterans. We reconnect to those feelings each time we find an opportunity to visit a military base. Diane especially likes the ones where she can hear the sound of fighter jets flying around, or where she can get really close to a Navy ship. I admit, it’s impressive and reassuring.

Although it’s only 1240 I deem this day to be done. Lunch is cooking, a really bad movie is on, and I’m stuck to the recliner until supper, then bed. There will be one short break this evening in order to move garbage and recycle containers to the street for tomorrow’s pickup.


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