Memorial Day Weekend 201

This morning I turned the tails on the dogs by getting up at 0500. They weren’t ready for their day, but I made them get up anyway, and go outside, in the cold and wet … it’s 45 degrees. Really chilly on bare feet, which all dogs have.

After I finish my Tillamook Marionberry Yogurt I plan to hunker down and continue reading Dan Brown’s “Inferno” which I broke down and purchased for my iPad. Knowing that I will be overcome with weariness from all this morning exertion, I plan to test my inner alarm clock to see if it will wake me in time to be at Bethany Memorial Cemetery by 1000 so I can help place flags for veterans, as we did yesterday. I suspect Diane will be up by that time, however, which will defeat my inner clock and spoil the experiment. We shall see.

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