Thursday was a little fuzzy for me, but I do remember that we went to Costco about noonish, and didn’t get home until well after the time the dogs expected us. They always do that, though, making us feel guilty for leaving them alone. Even if it’s just for a few minutes. It’s like they thought we may never return. I suppose that probably isn’t a bad way to be because, truly, we really don’t know if we’ll return. Anything can happen on Highway 30.

Before we left for Costco I barely had enough time to work on the headboard, which is becoming a vocation, after getting up from my morning nap. Still, I got it stripped of the acrylic finish I so laboriously applied, multiple times, hoping it would get darker. But, it didn’t so I removed it and started prepping the wood for stain. Red mahagony is the choice.

We went to bed at a reasonable time and I thought, like I always do, that I got a good rest. The dogs went out at 0610 and returned at 0613, primed fore their morning pouch and canned food. I swear, they live only for that moment. That, and the evening trip out when they get their treats for being such good puppies. They know they get extra treats if they bring the cat back in with them, so I’m sure they make sure she’s on the back porch before alerting me they are back.

After they we properly fed, and the cat went out, the recliner beckoned me. I was allowed to lanquish there until about 0800 when the cat decided it was time to return. She lets us know she’s on the wrong side of the door by frantically scratching on the patio door glass with both hands. It’s an awful sound, similar to fingernails on a blackboard, so she gets prompt attention.

Then I went back to the recliner until Diane got up at about 0947. When I heard her stirring, I got up and made the coffee. I only got in trouble twice before going to the garage to work on the headboard some more.

Now it’s 1530, almost, the headboard has been stained twice, I have confirmation it’s closer to the correct color, and I need to get ready to join my American Legion friends to place flags on the graves of veterans at the Yankton Cemetery. Seems like we just did that a couple of weeks ago for last Memorial Day.

It was a ho-hum day with the exception of lunch. Diane made taco soup using the leftover taco meat. Like normal, she found a recipe then ad-libbed for the ingredients she didn’t have. She ad-libs extremely well, and it’s always good.

Now I have 10 minutes to get to Yankton.

If you are travelling this weekend, stay safe. If you have a choice about travelling, stay home.

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