Little Bitty Nachos

Diane found some hamburger in one of our freezers and couldn’t determine how long we’ve had it. So, as she always does with this kind of meat, of unknown origin, she made taco meat. It gets well cooked and the taco seasoning kills whatever might be lurking in the meat at a level not noticeable by the naked eye, or naked nose.

I was working in the garage, sanding then staining our headboard, so my nose was plugged with little tiny bits of pulverized wood, but when I entered the house the aroma of taco meat wafted into my nostrils and it was good. Made me hungry. Thankfully I was done when the meat was done so I went to take a shower so I could eat without being told that my deodorant quit.

It takes me a long time to clean up, so Diane didn’t wait. She was finishing her nachos by the time I arrived to fix mine so there was no hurry for me to fix mine and hers at the same time. I can do it, but having to focus on only one plate simplified things a great deal for me. It allowed me to get a little creative and I made this …



I used dipper chips, instead of regular corn chips. I put a little meat on each chip, then some cheese on each chip, then started heating each on of them individually for 10 seconds. That proved to be very time-consuming so changed tactics and heated all 20 of them at once for 40 seconds. That worked. Then I dabbed a little guacamole and sour cream on each dipper and sat down to eat.

Diane made fun of me and suggested I take this picture to share. I prefer this method of making nachos because it’s lots less messy to eat. Just pick up one dipper at a time and you don’t salsa all over the place.

Had I remembered to add salsa, that may still have been a problem, but Diane didn’t leave that on the counter for me to use.

I don’t know whether to call these dipchos or nachippers.

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