Jeran’s 1st Piano Recital

We’re very proud of Jeran. I reported a few (or more) blogs ago that Jeran decided he wanted to take piano lessons. We all thought that would be an excellent idea because he’s always done extremely well at ‘things’ he’s interested in.

His desire developed into the purchase of a yard sale piano ($50) and lessons and today he participated in his first recital. Considering the very short time he’s been taking lessons, we thought he did great. I took a picture, but had to use my iPad because my camera battery was kaput, but it tells a story … kinda …


There was a double-sided list of participants in this recital from levels 1 thru whatever lever they go to. I don’t know how high that is, maybe six. I do know, however, that levels 1-3 did their bit, then we had an intermission, and continued with level 4 and beyond after that. Jeran was about the 3rd or 4th to perform, and he marched right up and got busy. Jeran’s contribution was a short duet with his teacher.

Though he was early in the program, we all stayed to watch everyone do their thing. The teacher is very diverse, instructing on voice, guitar, violin, and piano. We heard it all and some were extremely good.

There was one violin participant in the group 4 and up who almost got a standing ovation because she finished. It wasn’t pleasant. But, she got through it and that’s important.

Two brothers, piano and violin, actually did get a standing ovation from the very start which was pretty tricky … they played The Star Spangled Banner. Most everyone I could see removed their hats and/or placed their hands over their hearts while the music played. One guy, however, nearly caused a scene, but Diane wouldn’t let me run over and yank his hat off. He was wrong for two reasons … he shouldn’t have had a hat on in the first place, IMHO, because the recital was in a church sanctuary. No respect, no manners. Again, IMHO.

The last performer was the teacher who played us some Bach on her violin. She has very nimble fingers.

The recital brought back memories of the few years I got to spend in the “limelight” while taking piano lessons. For one recital we got to use a piano on which Liberace once played a concert in Portland. How cool is that? I can’t remember what I played – The Blue Danube, Vienna Woods, or possibly The Tennessee Waltz. 

Mom and I had a great time playing duets together during my school years. The one I remember most is “Country Gardens”. I can still hear the melody. Perhaps one day Jeran will let me play a duet with him. That would be awesome.

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