We’re there … and I got to mow the yard before it got dark. Yea!

We left Medford at 0930 after a decent breakfast. Really. I ate their oatmeal and an English muffin. We arrived home at 1430. After a quick top at the post office to restart our mail, and to pick up a bin full of mostly junk mail, we dropped by Diane’s Mom’s house to say HI! All is well.

The only stops we made on the freeway were in Roseburg for Starbucks, after which I was allowed to drive for about 100 miles, then a rest area to set our Starbucks free. Diane finished her book while I was driving and reclaimed the driver’s seat at the rest area and took us the other 100 miles home.

The Buick got 22.6 mpg and we averaged 65+ mph. Even when I drove. Go figure.

We had a great time, but it’s oh so nice to be home.

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