Jerrie’s A Tired Puppy

Today Jerrie worked six hours straight, with Ron P, prepping and painting the front hallway in the church. While Ron cut in the corners, and around doors, banisters, stairs, and windows, Jerrie rolled the walls and ceiling which caused terminal pain in his right shoulder.

Actually, his shoulder already hurt, but rolling out a 10 foot ceiling, with the roller on a long floppy stick, didn’t help. He’s moaning and groaning more than usual as a result. Had he not been ordered to “finish it today,” he and Ron would have made it a shorter day, and finished it tomorrow.

Poor Jerrie.

Oh, and he shaved his beard off last night. What a surprise. After clipping it off, he gathered all the whiskers into a ball and carried to it to show the lovely Diane who literally jumped out of her skin because she knew not what it was. He said the main reason he did it was because Jennifer said she wanted his “Navy face back.”

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