Vacation – Day 12 Reno


We left around 1000 walked up the street where we had a terrific breakfast at Peg’s Glorified Ham & Eggs. This chain was started in Portland in 1959, by a couple who lived in Eugene. Excellent food and service. I had half an order of their signature ham & eggs and it was perfect. I guess the full portion of ham is platter sized.

After eating we walked, very slowly, to a museum, which was closed, of course. They always are on Monday’s, it seems. This one isn’t open until Wednesday. Out front they had some sculptures that are pretty nifty. One is a horse made from driftwood, but all the pieces are made of metal. I think simply making a chunk of metal look like a piece of driftwood is pretty cool, so the horse was even better.

There were a couple of other places that SIRI thought were museums but they turned out to be business. It appears the area where we are staying is surrounded by law firms … dozens of them … and they are ensconced in these incredibly beautiful old homes. Since we hear sirens all the time, being a lawyer here is a lucrative business. While walking around, they were easy to spot. Suits were everywhere. We felt quite safe out there in the daylight with them.

Diane’s knees, and my hip started giving out on us after all that walking so we returned to our room for a well deserved rest. Diane has a notion about attending some show about menopause at the Eldorado, which is only a couple of blocks away, but she has her shoes off and don’t know if she’ll be motivated enough to get them back on. We may just sit here and read until time for Dancing With The Stars. If we don’t, I’ll be sure to let you know, like you’re all holding your breath to see what Jerrie & Diane do next. Right?

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