Reno News Flash !!

Upon arising this beautiful morning, at 6:45 am (!!), I was quiet like a little mouse to ensure I didn’t wake Diane. All of you know why. The punishment is severe when I wake her before she’s ready to be awake. I especially do not touch her because of the severe reaction it causes.

Anyway, while mousing around, I was making bathroom coffee when, viola!, she arose. At first I was concerned so I backed into the corner to see what was going to happen. It was nothing! She walked by with a cheery “Good morning,” and that was that. That meant I was allowed to make a little more noise, not be so careful.

Then she went back to the bedroom/living room/kitchen/dining room/family room, fired up the TV and promptly learned that someone was fatally stabbed last night at 2nd & West Streets. Nifty. Our hotel is located at 122 West Street, so this happened 1/2 a block away.

Now we’re heading out the door to have breakfast at Peg’s Glorified Eggs & Ham, which is the other direction from the stabbing, up near a museum we had already planned to visit today.

Wish us luck.

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