Vacation – Day 12 Reno (update)

Just a quick update to let you know we didn’t leave the building. But, we left the room and spent some time in our hosts’ hot tub. The tub is elevated on an exposed portion of the 7th floor of this 16 floor facility, and is surrounded by lounge chairs almost exacry like the ones we salvaged from the dumpster outside Warner Brothers Construction offices on a corner not far from our house. A room key is necessary to access the hot tub enclosure which is glass on 2.2 sides. The 1.8 solid sides worked perfectly to shade us from the sun while we shriveled in the hot water.

I contracted a terminal rash on my lower left stomach and upper right chest area from leaning those portions of my fragile body against the side of the tub in order to see my iPad, where I set it on the edge where there was no danger of it falling into the water. Like the last iPad I had.

OK – the rash isn’t terminal, and it pretty much cleared up with a shower. Now I’m squeaky clean.

I should wash more often, I guess.

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