It’s Good To Be Irish

Maith ar maidin to you all on this glorious day. That’s Gaelic, in case you were wondering. I suspect you can figure out what it means, but click the link to make sure I got it right. I can say stuff like that because it’s my understanding that part of me is Irish. Sadly, I don’t know what part. Most parts are German.

It’s right at 32 degrees here but I think it’s going to get up to about 60 before the day is done. But, rain is in the forecast so it probably won’t be a good day for outside activities. That means I won’t be able to mow the yard, which desparately needs it. It’s had a taste of the sun and is growing profusely, wanting more. If I don’t get to it in the next couple of days it’s going to be a job instead of fun like it normally is.

Diane’s up and looking chipper. Every day she’s a little bit better and we’re thankful for that. Shingles aren’t fun, for anyone.

Yesterday, after redoing the window frames with their new coats of polyurethane, I removed her failing computer and replaced it with her new Windows 8 touch screen. While watching her fiddle around with it I recalled the first time I tried to get her interested in working with a computer. At that time she was so not interested, and she got a little testy because she thought I was spending too much time on mine. Once she stepped over that line, however, and discovered the power at her fingertips, she was hooked for life. If I ever lose track of her, I just go to the Man Room and there she is. Looking at ‘stuff’, or hammering away on her keyboard in response to one of the 50-60 emails she gets every day.

Now the world has changed again for her with Windows 8. She’s taking it well.

The cat is on the deck, scratching the patio door glass to get in. What an annoying noise that is. But, it gets the results she seeks.

Now I have an hour to sit for a bit before we head off to church. Coffee Hour today is going to be a Baked Potato Bar so we won’t have to figure out anything for lunch. That’s good because I was afraid Diane was going to ask me what I wanted for lunch and I’d have to think of something to eat which is always difficult for me because I could get by on cheese and crackers for every meal, if necessary. She frowns on that choice as a meal.

So, now I’ll leave you with a slán Fond. Find something green to wear and have a great  day.

Beannacht do anois

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