Blackberry Bushes

Remember a few blogs ago, where I mentioned that Diane thought I was losing my mind because I couldn’t remember anything? Remember that? Well, I just remembered that, during this time, I remembed a critical lesson about how to deal with  blackberry bushes. But, first, I don’t understand why they are called ‘bushes’ because that doesn’t sound very descriptive to me. They are actually very sharp, clingy vines that can only be killed by radiation. They should be called blackberry clingy scratchers, or something like that.

Anyway, what I remembered, as I was ripping them out of the ground, and throwing vines everywhere, is that it’s not a good idea to wear shorts and short sleeve shirts. Boots are a good idea, too. Get anywhere near a blackberry vine and it’s gonna leave a mark. Honestly.

I checked on line to see if ‘blackberry bushes’ was indeed what they are called, although that’s what I’ve called them my entire life, and came up with a number of web sites that actually sell them, 6 for $30. Nice. And here I was ripping them out of the ground, willy nilly. You’d think I would feel bad about that, but I don’t because no matter how much of it you rip out, it will grow back. Guaranteed. Damn blackberry bushes. When sold on line they call them ‘blackberry plants’. I suspect our wild, free blackberries taste just as good as the $30 variety, but ours can’t compete with the Kiowa Blackberry for size. Those things are enormous.

I may have mentioned that our refurbishing project is now on room two – the master bedroom. All that’s left to be done is the baseboards, floors, and windows. I’ve got the windows in the basement where I removed the glass from all four panes. They came out in about 40 pieces so now I’ll have to take them to Scappoose to get glass. I don’t know what happened – only two of them were broken when I started removing the glazing then, all the sudden, all four of them were broken before I knew what happened. Now that the glass is out, it will be simple to refinish them. I’ve scraped most of the paint and varnish off (paint on the outside, varhish on the inside), so it won’t be long before I’ll need the glass. Baseboards are going to be interesting because I’ll get to use my new saw. I haven’t even plugged it in, yet.

Before I plug it in, I’ll have to set all the angles to ensure it cuts square at all angles. And it can cut a log of different angles. I know that’s true because I read the manual. Didn’t understand all of it, but I read it, just the same. OK. I read most of it and skimmed the rest, but there were a bunch of angles displayed in one of the diagrams. It has to be true.

I forgot to shave again this morning. That’s the 52 day in a row. That’s one thing Diane wishes I’d remember to do. I know that’s true, too, because she told me. But, she’s quit complaining how poky my whiskers are so she’s either getting used to them, or they are actually getting soft. I spend a lot of time combing my face, now. Feels good.

Guess I better quit. I decided at the start if it got down to combing my face I was out of interesting things to share.

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