Where do the days go? I don’t know why I said that because I actually know the answer … they all turn into ‘yesterdays’. Every last one of them.

I didn’t get to mow the yard again today. Didn’t get to mow it yesterday, either. Or the day before. It’s to that point in the year we hit just before spring every year where the sun jumps up, makes all the dafodils raise their heads to see what’s going on, makes the trees take on a green haze with the promise of leaves, encourages grass to grow like crazy, then runs and hides behind a seemingly never ending shroud of clouds. And the rain comes in buckets, drenching everything in sight. Then the wind comes up and a cold front drops in from the north, the freezing level drops to 500 feet at night for about a week, and it’s just miserable going outside. That sounds suspiciously like a complaint, I know, but it’s really only reporting the truth. The weather is a mess, the grass grows, but never really gets dry enough to mow until it’s a foot tall.

OK – it’s a complaint but I offer it mainly in the form of an observation and the knowledge that we, unlike other climes, can make it through most winters with no fear of the need to run out and purchase a snow shovel because we don’t know where the old one is.

Unlike previous years, our driveway isn’t flooded with the torrential rains, and it isn’t creeping into the garage, because I dug that ditch and installed a drain system. Not the best, but it works.

Today we surrendered our bedroom windows to the glass folks at Willamese to get new panes made. As you may recall, I managed to fracture all four of them during the arduous task of refinishing the frames. We get them back tomorrow. Now all I need to do it get all the baseboards finished … finished, as in varnished. Then we can do the floors. At this point, all we plan to do is apply paste wax and buff it to the point slipping and falling is guaranteed. Unless we cover it with area rugs. Which we will do.

I actually wrote all that yesterday but didn’t send it because i figured I should edit it a little. Today, however, I don’t feel that need so I’m just going to send it along.

Haven’t heard anything from Minnesota or Connecticut for a while, so hope everything is OK in those foreign countries. I suspect both areas are still reeling from the mess of snow they’ve had over the past couple of months.

I spent most of today sanding baseboard pieces. Wore me out. Now I’m going to quit.

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