Snow and my Lawn Mower

It’s 9:00 am here in Oregon. I just got up and wandered into the ‘Man Room’ where Diane is quietly watching GMA. For the uninitiated, that’s Good Morning America from NYC. That’s New York City. It’s snowing there, like crazy. I know that’s true because Sam Champion showed me pictures.

Here in NW Oregon? The sun is shining, it’s going to be 60 degrees, or so, and I’m going to  mow the lawn this afternoon. I can share that because I called Ruth, in Connecticut, and already told her all of this. She’s OK, BTW. Although she’s officially retired, she’s still a top notch accounting type of person who is in high demand for her son-in-law’s accounting firm where she works for minimum wage every tax season. I know for sure everything I just shared is true except for the minimum wage remark. She may not be making that much. But, that’s OK. It keeps her busy and out of the taverns.

Now I’m going to go mow the yard.

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