Scarves & Safeway Under Siege

… or should that be “scarfs”? Gee … I just looked it up and it can go either way. Interesting. I’ll stick with ‘scarves’ because ‘scarf’ has always been associated with food for me … like, “when he eats, he really scarfs it up.” Just saying.

Anyway, where I’m going with this is that, in addition to my many other household duties, I’ve been tasked with crocheting scarves for everyone in town. This is what they look like …


Quite festive and it absolutely kills my right shoulder when I make them. That, of course, isn’t a factor. Jennie thinks I should make a few dozen to sell at the Christmas sales this coming holiday season. Wow! I said ‘Christmas’ and it isn’t even St. Patties Day, yet.

Another issue with the scarfs is that they take up my valuable free nap time. As it is, I rarely get more than an hour worth of naps a day. The rest of the time I’m doing other important things that I’m not allowed to talk about. Actually, I can’t talk about those things because I generally can’t remember them. Oh wait! Lunch! I usually remember lunch.

First thing this morning I was forced to visit the dentist. No emergency. Just an appointment. I make them for as early in the day as possible in order to get them fresh, before they wear themselves out dealing with difficult patients all day. Today’s was at 8 am. The next appointment will be 7 am. Thankfully, the office is only about a mile away.

Today was Ozzie’s Poodle-do day. We checked him in at 1 pm and checked him out around 3 pm. I turned him over to the groomer then promptly forgot that I was supposed to buy a roll of stamps at the post office. Instead, I stopped at the car deleaship and stepped out to look at a couple of interesting vehicles which were about as far away from the main office as possible. Still, one of the salesmen, Skip, spied me and rushed to my assistance. It was raining, so I didn’t make him wait very long before telling him I didn’t know why I was there and that I should probably go home.

When I got home Diane was busy cooking all kinds of things for soup supper tonight. Like normal, my role in her cooking things is the ‘taster’. I have to do that to give her plausible deniability in the event something doesn’t turn out right. However, everything she cooks is just great. Today it was chicken soup to which we added half a box of 10-year-old butterfly pasta and it turned out wonderful. And, she made the most incredible brownies ever. I don’t normally eat brownies, but I ate these. She put walnuts in them because she knows I love walnuts. I think she loves me, even when she’s scolding me, and calling me by all three of my given names.

After the soup was done we took it, and the brownies, to the church and set it all up for the evening meal. Then we returned to St. Helens so we could go to the post office to get the stamps I forgot in the morning. On the way, the poodle-doer, Kay Kay, called to say Oz was ready to escape her clutches. So, we got the stamps, then the dog, and went home to rest an hour or so before having to return to church.

At 5 pm we again left the house, picked up Diane’s Mom, Jean, and headed to Warren for supper and our Lenten service. Once on Highway 30 we had to stop for a fire truck, then saw dozens of flashing lights in front of our beloved Safeway, where our daughter, Jennie, works. There were four ambulances and a variety of other emergency vehicles scakttered around the parking lot and crime scene tape extened into the parking area, encompassing both entrances. Our first thought was that someone went in there and shot the place up, so I immediately called Jennie. Thankfully she answered and told us it was her day off. She only lives about half a block from the store and didn’t know what was going on but thought it might just be one of the alarms went off.

After we got to church I listened to the police scanner app I have on my iPhone but didn’t hear anyone say anything about what was going on. Then Jennie called to say guns weren’t involved and she had talked with one of the managers who said 30 or so people were exposed to something in the deli area that made them sick. Stil inconclusive, but it was good to know she was OK, and that it wasn’t something life threatening.

Our pastor has been conducting Lenten services using Mayberry RFD TV shows to convey the lesson. So, we get to watch one of the shows every Wednesday evening. Tonight’s show was ‘The Loaded Goat’ which, oddly enough, is about responsibility and doing the right thing.

So, there you have it.


6 thoughts on “Scarves & Safeway Under Siege

  1. Your scarfs are absolutly beautiful… definitly need to start this for the holiday bazaars…You could make millions….and Kyle and Tom volunteered to make cookies for our Lenten services last Wednesday….I never get to go cause thats my night to work….Im glad he didnt volunteer to make soup or he he might of opened 20 cans of Campbells…oh and I guess the cookies were a hit, they didnt bring me one… Wishing you and Diane a great weekend…. Linda

    • Thanks, Linda. Yes, millions at least. Nothing wrong with using canned soup for things like that. I once entered a chili contest using canned chili and did pretty good. So Tom and Kyle bake, huh? Good to know.

  2. Sorry I’m so slow replying! Tyler has been here for spring break and Maryssa has had 3 softball games this week. I am finally sitting down to catch up. She said blues or greens. She would wear it proudly!

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