Oh the innocence of youth, when everything is bright, new, and attitudes are seemingly untainted …


… and how quickly it can change when they express themselves in interesting ways when they think we’re not looking …


This is for Jennifer & Steffani

4 thoughts on “Innocence

  1. Or when they are coaxed into doing this for the camera when their mothers are not looking! They are soooo cute though!

  2. What year was this? Maryssa is trying to figure out how old she is. She also doesn’t remember this so maybe you put something in her water to make her behave this way 🙂

    • Me? Do that? I only capture moments of opportunity without coaxing. This was taken at the Barnstormer restaurant by the Scappoose airport when everyone showed up for a reunion. Before 2005 I think.

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  3. I remembered the restaurant being near the airport. The date sounds about right. Maryssa would be around 8ish. Great pictures!

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