Resolutions & Diane’s Picture

I made a resolution this year to do just as little as possible and it’s working out OK. Other than helping Diane, who has a terrible head cold, I’ve managed to make it through three days this year without getting out of my jammies.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t done some actual work, because I did finish my bathroom and it’s ready for painting. After spiffing up the shower, making everything shine like new, I’ve been making sure to wipe it down after every shower, when I take a shower, if I take a shower.

Actually, that was another resolution … any day that I sweat, I take a shower. Sitting on the couch all day doesn’t make me sweat, so showers aren’t necessary. If I play my cards right, I can go days without showering. Saves lots of water. That means I must do everything very slowly so as not to exert myself too much, causing sweat to pop up.

Today Diane beat me up. She was up at 0730 but I didn’t get up until 0800. She was wrapped up in a couple of blankets because she’s so cold, and I have to admit it’s cold in the house since we lost two layers of shingles last September. Might have to spring for another layer of insulation. Or two, perhaps. Anyway, I toasted a raisen bagel for her and a plain one for myself, then we sat on the couch and watched a movie. Once the movie was over, I fell asleep and didn’t get up until around noon, after the stew Diane made was done. I think she put something in my water so I’d leave her alone and not ask if I could help with whatever she was doing every time she turned around. She gets testy, but I really do want to help her.

We watched another movie while we ate stew, then I took another nap, I think. Maybe she put something in my drink, again. Either way, I was unconscious for a while. Now I’m awake and thinking about getting a cup of coffee, but know that wouldn’t be a good idea, so I won’t. Diane’d get mad at me for even thinking about it at this time of night.

Earlier, when I first woke up, I sat there with my eyes closed and watched all the activity going on behind my eyelids for a while. It’s pretty amazing. Everything is moving all the time making it very difficult to ‘see’ what any one thing is. It’s very kaleidoscopic with one thing turning into another, over and over with nothing repeated. I tried very hard to concentrate in an attempt to slow things down so I could see just one thing and all I ever got, even right now, is the kaleidoscope with an overlay of Diane’s high school graduation picture. That’s the only thing that holds still for me.

OK. I guess that’s enough to confuse everyone, so I’ll stop. Just try and describe what you see when you close your eyes. It’s hard to do. For me, any way.


2 thoughts on “Resolutions & Diane’s Picture

  1. Sometimes when I close my eyes I am visited by my family. They appear when I am stressed
    a sometimes when I am missing then. I think God sends them to comfort me. That way I know that they are looking after me.
    Some friends think it is my imagination but I think God doing his wonderful things.

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