Veteran’s Day & Other Stuff

Back again, just like a bad penny.

Today I got to see Tom for the first time since his “event”. He’s scooting around in a wheelchair which at first unsettled me because he’s always been such a vibrant guy. After giving that a bit of thought, however, I was elated that he was able to do that. Most people who have strokes are paralyzed and have problems with speech. Not Tom. He had a ‘rare’ kind of stroke at the base of his brain stem that affected his vision and numbed his left leg. His speech is fine, with the exception of continuous hiccups. That’s been going on for the past 10 days during which time he’s only been able to sleep about 25 hours. He’s in the ‘Cadillac’ of facilities for physical therapy, according to Linda, and he has the willpower to fight his way back to his feet. With us all helping, that shoudln’t be a problem.

Now, for Linda … we’re waiting on the medical establishment to issue a determination as to whether or not they think she has some sort of cancer. She, like Tom, is upbeat, thinking positive about all of this. I find it amazing that they can do that and look to them as shiny examples of bravery. You know me, I like anything shiny.

Before going to Portland we took Diane’s Mom, Jean, to church. It was interesting to see who noticed the replaced speaker material. Many did and, I must admit, it look pretty darn good. Barbara was especially happy that I replaced the spotlight that shines down on the piano. I may not have mentioned that previously. I did it while the major tall step ladder was in the church because a simple 8 foot ladder won’t reach.

After visiting Tom, we headed down to the shores of the Willamette River where we had reservations for a Veteran’s Day lunch at McCormick & Schmick’s. Nice place, good food, and excellent service. I got a free meal because I could prove I’m a bonofide veteran. We even got free parking because the automated lot thingy didn’t work so some ‘remote’ person opened the gate and let us out after a short conversation on the little box by the gate.

The trip home took us by the Home Depot at Jantzen Beach. It was amazing to us because since the last time we were there they’ve ripped down and replaced most of the buildings. Even the one with the old Jantzen Beach carousel is gone. Amazing. Guess we should get out a little more often, huh? The reason for Home Depot was to get some replacement tile for my shower because I destroyed part of it. Now I have to put it back together.

We’re home now after dropping Jean off. We went inside to look at her toilet. Diane wanted me to do that, so I did. I looked at it until she told me it was time to go home.

Now I’m done.

Happy Veteran’s Day … hug a sailor

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