UCONN, Bethany Lutheran, & Oregon Ducks

Yesterday I saw a picture of Susan sitting in the grandstands of some stadium, somewhere on the East Coast. If I would have given it a little thought, Connecticut would have come to mind. But, I didn’t, so it didn’t. I just thought the picture was good. She was all bundled up, like it was cold or something. Then, as this was on Facebook, where I normally don’t go, I found an entry that caused me to believe she was at the UCONN vs. Pennsylvania game. As luck would have it, I was watching that very same game on my West Coast television set. All of this pointed out to me how nifty technology is. Every time the cameras panned the crowd I looked for her but never saw her. So, I kept the picture up and looked at it when the cameras showed the crowd. Susan is the one in the red coat … with the trend-setting stocking had. I love it. Ain’t she adorable?

Connecticut won that game, BTW.

Sometime during the day yesterday Diane and I went to the church to clean it and to see if we could replace the material covering the opening in front of the pipe organ. We got it down with only a little difficulty. Then we carefully removed the existing material which was ripped, really dusty, and ruined a long time ago when someone painted it. This is what it looked like once removed.

The white part of the design is what frame looks like. The dark is pretty much mostly dirt. It was very brittle and falling apart.

After cleaning up the frame up we stapled new speaker material to it and it came out just great The color almost matches the wall perfectly, which was our goal. Diane ordered it online and turns out it was from a company in Eugene, Oregon. So, it arrived very quickly.

Getting the frame back in place was more than Diane and I could do alone, so she called the Walters family for assistance. All the boys were out and about so Lydia and Jennifer came to help. The frame is about six feet square and not easy to handle.

To facilitate lifting it into place, I loosely bolted two long sticks to either side of the frame bottom so two people on the floor could push it up into place while I guided it and bolted it into place. Since I was on the ladder, and everyone was helping, we didn’t get any pictures of this evolution. But, we have one of the finished product. That’s Lydia on the ladder with Grandma holding the ladder hoping she won’t fall off.

I don’t remember who the bald guy is but he has the same kind of suspenders that I’ve got. Hmmmm.

Today I was allowed to sleep in until 0715. I didn’t have to get up, but once the dogs realized that my eyes were open they felt a need to go out back. That began our routine for this day. While they are out  get out the pouch food and fixed their bowls. They get really cranky if it’s not ready when I let them back in. So, to avoid conflict, I don’t let them back in until its ready for them to eat.

Then I made a pot of coffee, and sat reading my book until 0900 when Diane got up. She’s been sleeping really well since I removed the moldy sheetrock from the master bathroom. It was pretty minor, but we could smell it and had to get rid of it. Now I must put it back together, one of these days. When Diane reminds me to do it. Until then I will enjoy taking showers in her bathroom because it’s warm in there. My bathroom doesn’t have a heater. I’ll stall as long as I can but she’s going to catch on and make me do it before the month is out. Maybe only a week. We’ll see.

Now we’re home and I’m biding my time until 1930 when the Oregon vs. Cal State game starts. The ranks of unbeaten teams is falling, most significant with #1 Alabama. As Long as Oregon keeps winning, it can only get better for them. At this time they are ranked #3 in the country just behind Kansas State. That’s the BCS ranking. Oregon is #2 in all the “human” rankings.

Go Ducks!!

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