Strictly Opinions

Today I’m wondering why it is I’m compelled to write something on this blog every day. Part of it is the delusion that some who read this, expect me to do just that. I gotta tell you that bending to that ideal makes me feel like a pompous ass. I truly do not believe I have anything to say that would instill in anyone the the overpowering need to consult my blog entry.

It is my opinion that blogs are a way for people to share wisdom, their feelings, their skills, their experiences … all of the blogs I personally follow are very eloquent, full of very artistic word wizardry, and meaningful, touching views of every day life.

Nice stuff, all of it.

The only reason I can think of why anyone would read my blog on purpose – actually there are a couple of them.

One is that I use the right title that sucks unsuspecting readers to my site thinking they are going to be bedazzled with sage information about that title. Truth is, I normally make up the title first, then write gibberish about lots of other “stuff”. Not intentialy, though. I add the title first in order to give me a starting place. Typically, however,  where I start quickly morphs into something entirely different as I chase tangents in a schizophrenic dash through my head. I bounce from one thought to another in a manner that has no reason, but that doesn’t stop me. I’m not shy about revealing my shortcomings and that brings me to number Two.

I think people return to me because they want a smile. i know that’s true, in some cases, because that’s what I’ve been told. Well, one of them told me that. Also, I think they come back to find out what kind of trouble I’m in at the moment.

Complicating that is Diane’s objection to me using her as the enforcer in our long term relationship but, it’s a fact. How can I not report the truth? People need to know about this even though most of what I share has no basis in reality. It’s simply how my fingers perceive what my brain is trying to pass along. That’s a legitimate reason for spouting fiction. Most of the time I don’t pay any attention to what my fingers are doing. For example, as I type I’m listening to the weather report from Dave Salesky on Channel 2. He’s talking about snow and lots and lots of rain in Portland. It’s just a mild drizzle here.

The roofers returned today to address some complaints I had about the job. That brings to mind an old saying about how we never seem to have time to do things right the first time, but we always have time to come back and correct it. Why do you suppose that is? Seems to me it would be less expensive for a company to properly monitor their crews, in cases like ours, ensuring they follow the rules and simply do the job right. How hard is that? The problem is that everyone is too big of a hurry to move on to the next job, and the next, ad infinitum, piling up the dough so it can be paid to the cleanup crews that follow them around.

Gotta stop because I’m about to get on my band stand and spout something I may regret. No, that’s not true. I don’t really regret anything I spout. Nope. I’m perfectly comfortable with what my fingers tell everyone.


3 thoughts on “Strictly Opinions

    • Thank You Nelda. Positive Strokes are the fuel I need to rise to the monumental task of educating the World about dumb and ordinary things. Bless all of you who are willing to nudge the edge of reality with me, and tell others you did it. Jerrie

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