Naps in Nampa

Today was a blur of naps. Jim slept fitfully, repeatedly, in his TV chair and Diane just up and went to bed for most of the afternoon.

Me? I napped a bit in a chair, a little bit more on the couch, after Diane went to bed, and made a sincere attempt nap standing up, a skill I once had. None of them were fitful, as were Jim’s.

Donna didn’t nap at all. She went out in the morning to get her hair done because the injury to her left arm, caused when Jim placed sodas in the wrong place on the garage floor, makes it difficult for her to wash and comb her hair. The rumor is that Jim broke her arm. In truth, it was a broom. That’s all I can say because of the pending law suit.

For lunch we ate some beans that are only sold in Colorado and smuggled into Idaho for discerning residents. They are the kind that don’t have to be soaked for a couple of days before cooking – they can be cooked right away. I believe the kitchen blind was lowered the entire time they were cooking to avoid any problems with neighbors who are totally against bean smuggling.

The beans were very, very good, and they came with corn bread muffins. Jim was unhappy with them because he had difficulty getting all the muffin off the paper. Later in the day, when Maryssa showed up, she was able to peal them just fine. Steffani arrived shortly after Maryssa, interrupting all the napping going on. Steffani didn’t get a muffin because Maryssa ate all of those remaining, smothered in honey.  I did not notice any problem pealing mine. Also, at my urging, Jim chopped up some onion for the beans and it was the crowning touch.

It was after the beans that Diane went to the bedroom for her nap. In her defense, she got up with a headache, and a nap was just what she needed. I had a bit of a headache, too, and we agreed that it’s probably because the weather is changing. Tomorrow will probably be out last day of sunshine until next April because the rain is coming. That’s good because that will translate into snow for the mountains which are painfully bare at this time.

Maryssa left for softball practice, in Boise, at 5:30pm with a end time at 7:00pm. That was critical to know because in lieu of supper we all decided go to a ‘U Swirl’ yogurt joint when Maryssa was done. She predicted 7:30pm but didn’t call until almost 8:00pm. We were starving.

U Swirl is a custom frozen yogurt place like non other. It has 18 different flavors, 40-50 kinds of topping, and a little bin of waffle cone remnants that might have been reclaimed from the floor from dropped cones. I know for sure that they shatter when dropped more than 3 feet. All of this for 39 cents a pound. For the seven of us it cost $30 to fill our little buckets. I had 3 different flavors, Maryssa had 8. I made the mistake of putting hot fudge on mine knowing it was going to hurt my head. I didn’t care. It just tastes so good. An added benefit, in addition to the headache, is a stomach ache. Nice. Add that to my hip ache, the ringing in my ears, dry eyes, puffy left foot, and other stuff, I’m just a mess. I’ll probably come up with diarrhea tonight.

Hopefully I’ll wake up.


2 thoughts on “Naps in Nampa

  1. Actually, we called at 7:40 and we were eating our yogurt by 8:00. Maryssa says to get your facts straight! Glad we got to spend time with you and thanks for the yogurt treat! Safe travels.

    • Actually, those are the facts as I recalled them. One minor error was pointed out by Diane’s BIL. The yogurt was 39 cents an ounce, not a pound.

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