Arizona Recap

This is just a quick update to share a few pictures that I was unable to upload while on the freeway because Diane was driving too fast.

First, for Ruth, proof that her family had something to do with the formation of the Grand Canyon. Apparently the Mather’s’ve been around for a while.And here’s what things look like at the rim near Mather Point … quite dramaticThis one is just to prove we were there so no one can accuse me of fabricating like they sometimes do. This could, of course, be a really old picture but you will never ever know.I really didn’t realize that Diane was so much shorter than me. Interesting.

The next few pictures are ones I snapped out of the passenger window as we sailed up the highway. I was fascinated by the colors and geology of the hills we passed. I really have a hard time calling these hills because they’re so sharp. Hills have round tops, not sharp ones.This last picture kinda says it all and is an Arizona statement of the obvious.In case you can’t read the sign, it states “Watch for Rocks”.

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