The Grand Canyon and Kanab, Utah … who knew?

We left Mesa, Arizona yesterday around 2-ish and arrived in Flagstaff shortly thereafter. It is, after all, only about 180 miles away. For Diane, that’s a walk in the park and only took 3 hours. So, we arrived around 5-ish.

Using Siri, I contacted the Drury Hotel on the way and secured a room. We don’t often stay in hotels so this was different for us. But, a room is a room is a room and that’s what we got. A room. A pretty nice one. What made it even better was the free evening food and free breakfast. Ok, I know it’s not really free, but it’s not a line item on the bill, so technically it was all free. Not that I really think you care, but I ate wienies last night, biscuits and gravy this morning.

Now I’m bummed. Right here I attempted to add a photo of my wienies, but the internet we have at our current address is incredibly slow. So, you’ll just have to visualize them. And, I won’t attempt to add any others.

Today was a long one because from Flagstaff we went to the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon. We spent two hours there, mingling with 30-40,000 of our friends from all over the world. Really … three out of four people were speaking a foreign language. Perhaps if I’d worn my hearing aid …

The canyon was beautiful and breathtaking as we knew it would be. But, the sun was a little off and things were a bit hazy so it detracted a little bit. That’s why we only spent 2 hours there, then we headed to the East Entrance on Highway 64 to Highway 89 and headed north to Page, Arizona. We had initially thought we would stay the night in Page but we arrived too early. So we decided to just get a Starbucks and continue one. But, we couldn’t find it so we got gas for the car instead and continued on.

The new goal became Kanab, Utah. Until I checked the map, I’d never heard of Kanab. It sounds like something you’d eat at a BBQ with toothpicks. The scenery on the way, however, just blew us away and chased all thoughts of toothpick food from our minds.

After exiting the Eastern Entrance, we crossed the Little Colorado and the mountains turned red with incredible stripes of lighter colored rock. The closer we got to Utah the darker the color and when we crossed the border all the mountains turned gray. I took a gazillion pictures which I’ll have to share later. I wish I could now because I’ll probably forget.

Kanab … what can I say? It’s smack dab in the middle of an incredible array of natural wonders like Zion, Bryce, The Grand Canyon, the red mountains, and I’m pretty positive there are some nasty snakes out there beyond the freeways. Kanab has also been the location for numerous movies over the years, including the recent John Carter. I know that’s true because I read it in a newspaper while I was waiting for dinner at Pizza Hut.

It’s dark now, Dancing With The Stars is over, and Hawaii Five-0 is starting so I need to quit.

Tomorrow we’re hoping to reach the vicinity of Salt Lake City, then it’s on to Nampa, Idaho. On the way I’ll call Jim to see if it’s OK to stop by for a while.

One thought on “The Grand Canyon and Kanab, Utah … who knew?

  1. We actually were in the park for three hours, which included a mini stop to raid our snacks to create an on-the-go lunch. It was a great choice and allowed me to keep getting on to our evening in Kanab.

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