Rod Run To The End Of The World & Tuna Fish

It’s cold here! Yesterday it was about 90 when we played golf, but today it’s only about 48 or so. Really. It is. What a difference a day makes … from sweating non-stop to sweat socks.

Yesterday we connected with our friends Gary and Cindy who live about 2 miles from us, on the other side of the Columbia River. Gary and I were stationed on the USS Cleveland at different times, but we’re still shipmates. We got to know them in San Diego last year when the Cleveland was decommissioned. Gary and Cindy are in Ocean Park for the Rod Run To The End Of The World. Quite an event. Gary has a 1965 VW Bus that he entered. After visiting with them for a while we all piled into the bus and Gary got in the line of custom vehicles to cruise the main highway on the Long Beach peninsula. It was fun to be part of the display … there were zillions of people lining the streets, and residents outside of town parked their lawn chairs by the main road to watch the parade of cars. It’s pretty much non-stop.

This is Gary …


Today we went to the old cranberry bog that is owned by the Beach Baron car club, a local group, where all the custom cars gather to show themselves off. There have been shows like this where 1500 vehicles showed up to be seen. I don’t know how many were there today, but there must have been at least hundreds. Very colorful, and lots of gut rumbling engines pushing their vehicles slowly through the crowds. Here are some of the things we saw there …

… Gary & Cindy guarding the bus …


… a Chevy El Camino, like I used to have … ‘cept this is 1967 and mine was a ’64 …


… a 1966 Chevelle Malibu, like we used to have …


… a 1965 Thunderbird Landau, like Diane and I used to have …


… and a 1968 Chevy pickup that looks like mine will, some day …


Diane and I did a lot of walking today because, before going to the car show, we walked the dogs about 5 or 6 miles, at least. We went around one house, in this neighborhood, about 7 times because it’s for sale and no one is home. Very nice place, but too expensive, probably. It would be a good place to live all the time. I’d go take a picture of it to show you, but I don’t want to get out of my cozy chair. Besides, it’s dark now and that’s just another reason I don’t want to do it.

Now I’m eating my supper … crackers and cheese … I already ate my cookies. Then, it’s bedtime.

Oh, wait … I forgot … Doug, Caroline, Sue, and Todd showed up with two dead tuna fish that Doug and Todd cleaned in the back yard.


… this is what was left over …


… and this is Todd’s finger, the only injury … nice …


There … I think that’s about it.

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